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Kuvings CS600 Commercial Slow Juicer in Stainless Steel

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Brand: Kuvings
Colour: Silver
Soft Fruits Rating: 5
Leafy Greens Rating: 3
Root Veg/Hard Fruit Rating: 4
Usability Rating: 4
Cleaning Rating: 5
Weight: 13.0 KG

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The Kuvings CS600 is the first Kuvings commercial juicer that has been launched on to the market.  We regularly get asked by cafes and juice bars about a commercial masticating juicer that is not as expensive as many of the centrifugal commercial juicers that are currently available.  Well, it is finally available!  However, for the individual juicing enthusiasts who want a commercial grade juicer to produce a large and exceptional quality juice, then this may also be a good option for a strong, powerful and extremely high yielding juicer.  


Key Features

  • Commercial slow cold pressed masticating juicer with low speed induction motor
  • Powerful 200W induction motor has the capability of juicing the toughest and most fibrous fruits and vegetables
  • 60 RPM speed which produces the most nutritious juice and enables the motor to remain cool
  • Very quiet in operation when compared to other commercial grade juicers
  • Complete stainless steel base with robust design
  • Extra set of juicing parts supplied with the juicer for continuous juicing in a busy environment
  • Wide flip top dual feeding chute enables for efficient juicing without the real need of a pusher
  • Very easy cleaning mechanism with the smart juice cap and cleaning brush

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Kuvings have finally introduced the long awaited commercial masticating CS600 juicer so that you are not compromising on the quality of the juice by producing a quick juice for your customers as with all commercial centrifugal juicers.  You now have the best of both worlds as you have a juicer that is specifically designed for commercial use with an operation time of 24 hours and the capability of retaining all the essential enzymes, minerals and vitamins within the juice so that your customers purchase a truly nutritious juice.  The CS600 juicer has the ability of producing 40 litres of apple juice in just one hour and with an additional set of juicing parts, you can quickly swap the parts for cleaning and making different recipes.  The CS600 juicer is simply perfect for the commercial setting.  

The Kuvings CS600 stands out amongst other slow masticating juicers due to its robust juicing parts, structural design and quiet induction motor that rotates the juicing screw at low speed of 60rpm.  Due to its commercial grade design, it has an extremely high juice yield in comparison to other masticating juicers so that you get more value for money on your ingredients.  It is the most ideal juicer for cafes, restaurants and juice bars due to the significantly reduced noise level unlike most other commercial juicers that cause a real disruption to customers.  

The Kuvings CS600 juicer has the ability to cope with the busiest of settings and with a very quick and easy cleaning system by closing the smart cap and pouring water into the feeding chute, the wiper blades will clear out the remaining pulp from inside the juicing bowl.  All that will remain is using the cleaning brush to clear the holes in the juice filter so that you can resume juicing again.  Due to the cold pressed slow juicing method, you can pre-make certain juices or base ingredients as the juice will remain fresher for much longer than with other commercial juicers.  Also, having two sets of juicing parts, ensures that your customers will not be waiting for long for their fresh and nutrient rich cold pressed juice.


Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: CS600
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 260x183x515
  • Motor Power (Watts): 200
  • RPM: 60
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight Unboxed (Kg): 9.1

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