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Hurom Juicers



Specialising in the production of juicers for over 40 years, Hurom have honed and mastered their craft. As a result, when it comes to advances in juicer technology and the creation of new innovative features, they are always at the forefront hunting for new ways to improve their products.

Hurom BL-CO1 Mini Blender

Personal Blender

Powerful yet very compact, the Hurom BL-CO1 personal blender is a versatile and capable kitchen appliance.

Hurom BL-CO1 Mini Blender
Hurom Accessories


Take your Hurom juicer to the next level with a selection of useful accessories

Hurom Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Replace any or all of the key parts for your Hurom juicer in just a few clicks.

Hurom Spare Parts