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Brexit Information

We are glad to say that Brexit will not have any impact on your experience when shopping with us. All orders will be dispatched as normal and no additional fees will apply, even to goods being sent from the UK.

No Additional Charges

No matter what items you order from us, you will not be charged any additional VAT or duty fees. This will remain the case even for goods being dispatched from our secondary UK warehouse in instances where we do not have stock in Ireland. 

Therefore, the price you are charged on our site for orders bound to Ireland will be the final total, and no additional charges will be taken.

Rights & Conditions

Your consumer rights will also remain the same for all orders, no matter of their origin. However, please be aware that warranties held directly with manufacturers based in the UK may not cover shipping fees where repairs are required.

Additionally, our terms and conditions remain unchanged, even after the changes Brexit has forced upon us.