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​What Can I Do with Coconut Oil

​Common Blending Mistakes

Blending is a super quick way to get fruit and vegetables into your body, but getting the most out of your smoothie isn’t as easy as you may think. Below, are some simple mistakes that you can avoid when making your smoothie.Don’t Always Follow the RecipeGet to grips with basic recipes that you like and [...]

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​Why you Should be Including Ginger in your Diet

Ginger is filled with benefits that we will go into later, but it also acts as a tasty extra to add to meals or drinks. You can find ginger in every supermarket, but most recently, ginger shots are appearing on the shelves, especially through winter. Ginger has a distinct spicy, fresh taste that can be [...]

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Cleanse & Detox Your Liver with Juice

The liver is one of the largest and most crucial organs in the body. It is involved in over 500 key bodily functions, and without one the average human would be unlikely to survive for more than 2 days. Among its many functions, the most integral roles of the liver involve converting nutrients into useful [...]

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5 Ways to Help You Drink More Water

Trying to make yourself drink more water, especially if you're not that keen can be tricky. Your body needs water, and lots of it in order to help concentration levels, going to sleep, reducing premature ageing, helping with digestion and flushing unwanted bacteria out of the bladder and kidneys. Hopefully, this blog will give [...]

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Fresh & Nutritious Spring Juice Recipes

We’re halfway through Spring and at last the sun is showing and life is growing. Therefore, it’s a great time to get out an explore the seasonable ingredients that can be found in this fresh and bright time of year. As you may expect Spring is a great time for leafy greens, which all serve as a great source [...]

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Flavour Filled Easter Smoothies and Juices

Spring is finally here so its time for some refreshing juices and smoothies to get you out of winter mode. Your local farmer's markets will begin to start selling in-season produce such as nettles, watercress and spinach. These veggies are filled to the brim with nutrients and are designed to restore our bodiesenergise [...]

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Smoothies & Exercise Make a Great Combo

Exercise is crucial to leading a healthy life, and it helps to keep our bodies in top condition. However, carrying out physical activity is only half of what is required to leading a healthy balanced lifestyle.For most of us, changing our eating habits can be a little challenging. However, juice is a great boost to [...]

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How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

Green Smoothies aren’t everyones cup of tea and because of the colour, it can be hard to imagine it ever tasting delicious. But hopefully this blog post will give you the secret formula to creating the perfect green smoothie.Step 1: Pick a Liquid (150ml) Cocnut waterAlmond MilkSoy MilkHemp MilkCashew milkWaterStep 2: Choose your Greens (2 Handfuls) KaleSpinachCollardsSwiss [...]

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How to Stop Indigestion Ruining Your Day

Indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux are all a symptom of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease which can occur when the valve between your oesophagus and your stomach relaxes when it shouldn't. When you eat, the valve will usually close tightly to keep food and acid in your stomach. When the valve relaxes whilst you are eating that is [...]

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A Guide to

Check out our ultimate guide to Juicing. It's the best way to learn as a beginner, providing access to our teams collected knowledge and information.

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