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Jupiter Water Ionizers vs' Enagic / Kangen Ionizers

We’ve recently been receiving a large number of enquiries regarding the differences between Jupiter Water Ionizers and Enagic / Kangen Ionizers.

The Enagic / Kangen multil-level sales & marketing strategy and their sales representatives have been very active in the Irish marketplace in recent months. We strongly welcome the fact that these sales representatives are educating people about the benefits of Alkaline water and using a water Ionizer.

Both Jupiter and Enagic / Kangen are among the top 4 manufacturers of water Ionizers globally along with Tyent and Chanson. All of these companies manufacture top quality water ionizers which produce high pH alkaline water. All products are extremely well manufactured and come with excellent support and warranty cover. is proud to be an official Irish Distributor for Jupiter / EMO Tech Ionizers. We have been using and testing Ionizers from all the manufacturers for the past 6 years and have decided to focus on selling the Jupiter range of products for the following key reasons -

  1. Product Quality – The Jupiter products are the best built and use the most advanced technology of any Ionizers on the market today,  the water quality, PH and ORP ranges the ionizers produce is second to none. Below i will provide links to tests carried out on all the main products on the market today detailing the superior performance of the Jupiter Vesta and Jupiter Athena ionizers vs the top machines from Enagic / Kangen,  Tyent and Chanson.
  2. Value for money – Ionizers are a significant investment, and quite simply Jupiter products are the best value Ionizers on the market today. From the Jupiter Venus available for only €949 up to the market leading Jupiter Vesta ionizer at only a fraction of the price of its nearest rival (notably the Enagic Leveluk).
  3. Warranty and support – Fortunately Jupiter products are extremely well made and are the most reliable ionizers we have used over the past 6 years. In the unlikely event that something should ever go wrong with your machine, has a highly trained and qualified specialist service centre to get your machine back in working order immediately.   

We would like you to make an informed decision and advise you to read as many independent reviews and comparisons of the leading products as possible.  The following are some links to sites and companies that have tested the leading machines and compare them side by side and dispel some of the myths and marketing hype -

Jupiter Water Ionizers vs Enagic / Kangen Ionizers  -

Detailed Product Comparison Matrix Independent -

Detailed Product Comparison Matrix (produced by Jupiter) -

Life Ionizers vs’ Enagic / Kangen Ionizers -

The New Jupiter Vesta Water Ionizer: Compared with Enagic, Jupiter Vesta & Tyent –  Cathleen LoGrasso of Alkaline water plus in the USA has carried out the most thorough comparison we’ve seen online of the world’s most popular water ionizers, in her tests she has compared the new Vesta GL water ionizer with the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Machine, the Jupiter Athena water ionizer and the Tyent Turbo water ionizer. While all top performing ionizers her test reveal why the Jupiter Water Ionizer the top performing ionizer available on the market today -  

Many companies will try and baffle you with the technology their Ionizer uses but for us ultimately the decision should  come down to product quality and value for money, for us Jupiter Ionizers are clear winners.