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What is a Spiralizer and why would you want to get one?

Spiralizers have been used for a long time however recently there has been a huge trend towards it and they have become very popular. The idea behind this simple kitchen gadget is to turn your five-a-day into long needles simply by turning the handle.

It is used to make salads, slices or replacement for noodles in pasta dishes. The most popular vegetable that people use is a courgette; this can be used with the skin on for extra nutritional value. Once the long pale noodles have been created you will be able to eat these raw or sauteed and when you use a sauce of your choice it is easy to forget you are eating courgettes made by a spiralizer rather than pasta.

You can also use your spiralizer on other vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes and cucumbers. Humans do eat with their eyes, and it is certainly an excellent way to get your children eating healthier by using a spiralizer on your vegetables.

Spiralizers are a great affordable way to change your diet and outlook on how pasta and noodles can be effectively removed and replaced with more healthy vegetable options.

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