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Magimix Appliances



As a brand, Magimix hold a fantastic reputation around the world, and their food processors in particular are renowned for their versatility through an incredibly wide range of functions. Therefore, no matter what the scenario, Magimix products can be turned to for help.

Magimix Food Processors

Food Processors

We love Magimix food processors for their incredible versatility and large selection of accessories.

Magimix Food Processors
Magimix Blenders

Domestic Blenders

Magimix know how to make a great blender, and their current range excel in terms of reliability and power.

Magimix Juice Expert 3

Juice Expert 3

Fast, efficient and highly versatile, the Magimix Juice Expert 3 is an outstanding centrifugal juicer.

Magimix Juice Expert 3
Magimix Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines

Designed for use with Nespresso capsules, Magimix's coffee machines can turn out great results with little effort required.

Magimix Accessories


Take your Magimix food processor or blender to the next level with useful accessories

Magimix Accessories