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​The Best Juicers for Celery

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Celery juice has recently been recognised as a great way to kick start your health. When celery is juiced, the pulp (fibre) is removed, and its healing benefits become much more powerful and available. Celery hasn’t got any sugar in it unlike many fruit juices, so you can drink a full glass of celery juice without having to worry about a sugar spike. This also means you can consume more celery than you would just by eating it.

Celery is also filled with cluster salts, which are specialised salts to help the functioning of the liver. Their main function is to cling to toxins which helps to flush them out of the liver. This process helps to rebuild your hydrochloric acid so that your stomach can break down protein. If protein isn’t broken down properly, it can cause gut issues. Not to mention celery is packed full of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes, in addition to vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin B6.

The main three benefits of drinking celery juice every morning is a lowered blood pressure, improved gut health and decreased inflammation, but if you want to juice celery yourself you will need a suitable juicer.

Horizontal Juicers

If you are interested in juicing celery then there are only a handful of juicers that can do the job well. Below we will explain which type of juicers are best and then we will suggest specific models that we recommend.

Horizontal Single Auger Masticating Juicers

These type of juicers use a slowly rotating screw that crushes produce against a stainless steel filter by a process similar to a mincing machine. These juicers are the ideal appliances if you're not looking to spend a fortune and wanting something quicker than a twin gear juicer.

Most horizontal juicers have homogenising functions for making purees, nut butter, frozen fruit ice creams and noodle dough.

Twin Gear Masticating Juicers

Twin-gear masticating juicers use two gears instead of one, which rotates very tightly together. Produce is crushed and pressed between the gears that allow all ingredients to be broken down fully, with juice being pressed out and passed through a screen. These juicers really do offer the very best quality of juice from a domestic juicer but come with a price tag.

The juicing and clean up process is a little slower than other juicer types so that is something to think about before deciding. But these types of juicers are great for getting the optimum amount of juice from all vegetables including wheatgrass and celery.

Our Recommendations: Twin Gear Juicers

Angel 7500/8500 Slow Juicer

Angel 7500/8500

The Angel range offers unbeatable juicing performance for all types of fruit and vegetables and has a range of functions that make it the very best. The extra 15-30% yield you get with the Angel versus any other juicer on the market will justify the extra cost over a 2-3 year period with the amount you will save on buying produce. The Angel also removes 95% of pesticides and agrochemicals on the surface of non-organic fruit and vegetables by binding it to the waste fibre. It’s the only juicer capable of efficiently extracting nutrients locked inside cellulose fibres so you get the maximum levels of enzymes and nutrients from deep within the fibres.

Green Star Elite Slow Juicer

Green star Elite Slow Juicer

Like the Angel, this twin gear juicer gets the optimal amount of juice out of vegetables by cutting and crushing slowly. The pulp is thoroughly mixed, allowing the membranes to be split open easily, allowing the extraction of vital minerals. This new mixing stage after the crushing but before the pressing allows far better processing of soft fruits. The produce is now pressed for maximum juice yield. The gears are shaped differently for pressing compared to mixing, forcing the fruit and vegetable produce towards the screen which divides the pulp and the juice. This strong action forces the juice through whilst maintaining its nutritional value and freshness.

Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer

Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer

Slightly cheaper than the Angel and Green Star is the Omega Twin, which is free from BPA, making it even safer and better for you. A nice feature of this electric juicer is the variable pulp pressure control which will compensate for varying degrees of pulp. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of ingredients, including those hard to juice tough vegetables.

Single Augur Juicers

These types of juicers are much more affordable and are great for a wider range of ingredients.

Omega 8007/8 Horizontal Juicer

Omega 8007/8 Horinzontal Juicer

The Omega 8007/8 runs at 80 RPM and like most horizontal juicers it performs best with leafy greens and hard vegetables to produce great yield results with a high nutrient value. However, it also brings much more than juice to the table, since you can use this device to make: pasta, baby food, nut butter and fish cakes to name a few. This diversity can be achieved through a range of attachments that come in the box. With all that alongside the typical 15 year Omega warranty this juicer is a true bargain.

Omega Sana 707 Horizontal Juicer

Omega Sana 707 Horizontal Juicer

The Omega Sana 707 has a slightly wider feeding chute, stainless steel and glass containers for pulp and juice collection, a coarse juicing screen to optimise soft fruit processing, a range of nozzles and 1 homogenising screen which will allow you to do much more than just juicing. With exceptional engineering and GE-Ultem, BPA free parts, the overall design is premium quality. The super-slow masticating speed of just 70 RPM has been preserved in the Sana Juicer resulting in a juice rich in enzymes and extremely generous juice yield.

Hurom DU Horizontal Slow Juicer


Hurom DU Horizontal Slow Juicer

If your new to juicing or are on a budget we recommend the Hurom DU as its a fantastic price for what you get. The Hurom DU is an incredibly impressive and compact horizontal juicer that provides solid performance while keeping its impact on kitchen space to a minimum. It features a unique and useful end cap design that uses a cutting blade to carry out maintenance on pulp as it is ejected from the juicer, helping the juicing process. The DU is also compatible with a homogenising blank and 4 nozzles, allowing it to perform more functions than just juicing.

These are our recommended juicers for juicing celery and most other vegetables. If you want to get the best out of these juicers be sure to cut the celery or any vegetables into manageable chunks, as you will find this will help with overall juice yield. It’s also important to clean your juicer after every use as this will stop blockages and maintain your juicer for much longer.

We hope this article gives you a bit more information on juicing celery and what juicers are best for this type of vegetable. Happy juicing!