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AlkaViva is world-renowned for cutting-edge water ionization and purification technology. Offering a range of water ionizers, filters and accessories, AlkaViva focuses on providing clean and alkaline water to enhance hydration and overall health. For those seeking premier water treatment solutions, AlkaViva is the best choice.
Countertop Water Ionizers

Countertop Water Ionizers

Countertop water ionizers are a great solution for clean alkaline water in a compact form factor and with a sleek and stylish design.

Under-Sink  Water Ionizers

Under-sink water ionizers are ideal for those who want a more discrete method to supply clean alkaline water effortlessly.
Under Sink Water Ionizers
Replacement Ionizer Filters

Replacement Filters

To continue experiencing the benefits of quality alkaline hydration replace your unit's filters routinely. Find replacement filters here.