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OrangeX Jupiter Manual Citrus Juicer White

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This juicer has been replaced by the Nutripress Manual Citrus Juicer in White

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Free Delivery to Ireland

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    Excellent product - Worth every €

    Just received my OrangeX Jupiter. Straight out of the box, the product reflects built quality. Everything was well thought in the design : the form factor is perfect if you have a small kitchen like I do. The height is great too so that you can actually fit it in a press easily too. It's is heavy, which is good as it makes it very stable when pressing juices. It's so efficient ! I can get a full big glass of juice just out of one grapefruit, one orange and one pomegranate ! Every drop is squeezed. The removable parts are so easy to clean, makes the cleaning a 10 secs job. The conic part that is in contact with the fruits has a little spike on top, which helps maintain them perfectly in place before pressing them. All in all a very nice product. You can find cheaper ones on Amazon, but I don't think they would be the same build quality/form factor. Amazing product, and I have no doubt it is made to last.

    Posted by Daemo on 15th Feb 2016
  • 5
    Super Val;ue - Super Squeezer - Fantastic.

    The OrangeX Jupiter Citrus Juicer is absolutely fantastic and very easy to use and clean. I should have bought one years ago and saved myself a fortune. OrangeX Jupiter Citrus Juicer ***** (5 Stars)

    Posted by Ger & Clare on 4th Jul 2014
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    OrangeX Jupiter Citrus Juicer

    Excellent, sturdy and very effective. Sqeezes all juice from fruit in one easy go. No waste!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2014
  • 5
    orange juice

    Probobly one of the best purchases I ever made.Nothing can subsitute real fresh orange juice for breakfast.The jupitar makes life easier.

    Posted by siobhan collins on 21st May 2013


The OrangeX is available once again. The brand has been taken over by Focus in America and the OrangeX is now also known as the Jupiter Juicer.

It’s difficult to make a better investment in a manual citrus press than with this juicer. There are no other juice presses that come close in this price bracket. ‘Pressed juice is the best juice’ is the old OrangeX motto and we’d have to agree. There is virtually no peel oil transferred to the juice and the end result from this high yield citrus press is second to none. The solid cast iron construction coupled with the famously powerful OrangeX lever provides more pressing force than commercial models costing more than twice as much.

The juice only comes into contact with stainless steel and the powerful suction feet give a very stable juicing platform. The lever is deceptively easy to push down with oranges as it powers down onto the fruit. In fact this citrus press is one of very few available that can squeeze pomegranates which are teeming with antioxidants and a great juice for promoting a healthy heart.


  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 280x180x390
  • Warranty: Lifetime domestic use warranty
  • Weight Unboxed (Kg): 7