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Green Power Hippocrates Juicer

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    very good juicer

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2014


The Green Power Hippocrates /Kempo Juice Extractor, Model GPT-E1304 is the Newest, Lightest and Most Compact in this Award-Winning Range of Twin Gear Juicers from the inventors of the twin gear extraction process.

The new improved Model GPT-E1304 - the 20th model created by innovative Green Power Company - supersedes Model GPT-E1201, (the old Green Power), Model KPE-1301 (the Samson Ultra) and Model GP-E1503, (the even older Green Life -currently renamed the Green Star and designed in 1994!). Lighter, more compact, more powerful and with increased performace, we beleive the Kempo is one of the best Juice Extractors available.

Easy to Use & Clean

The Hippocrates Juice Extractor is easy to clean and to carry. Intuitive and easier to assemble than other twin gear, and easier to use too.

Magnetic & Bio-Ceramic Technology

At the heart of the Hippocrates are the twin gears. These precision designed and engineered twin gears incorporate magnetic and bio-ceramic (tourmaline) technology with pocket recesses and a specialized cutting mechanism to separate a living juice from the pulp. Further more, both the produce pusher and juice collecting bowl contain magnets. The implementation of magnets draws out minerals and suspends them in a colloidal form. A fresh juice is produced that stores for longer and the nutrients in this form are more available to your body.

At the core of each of the twin gears is a series of magnets. The magnets are alternated between positive and negative. When the two gears are placed side by side, the positive and negative magnets are also alternated between the gears, which generate a positive charge, or attraction. At the molecular level, this means the magnets are creating positive ions as the gears spin. Surrounding the inner core of magnets is a second level containing bio-ceramic particles and an outer layer of stainless steel. The tourmaline within the bio-ceramic layer also emit positive ions. Magnets in the gears work in conjunction with these bio-ceramic particles. Magnets recharge the bio ceramic material and the bio ceramic material recharges the magnets. Without this recharging, the effect of the both the magnets and the bio ceramic material would be diminished.

As the gears are spinning, the magnets and the bioceramic material are each producing more positive ions than can be held in charge by either the magnets or bio ceramic material, therefore these positive ions add more vitality and longevity to the life of the minerals, which reduces oxidation and keeps the juice fresher, longer.

Living Juice

The Hippocrates Juice Extractor filters out harmful pesticides and other agricultural chemicals and heavy metals, extracting the natural juice from your vegetables. As agricultural chemicals and heavy metals are heavier than water, centrifugal style juicers can contain more concentrated harmful contaminants due to its operation of centrifugal force. The Green Power Hippocrates Juice Extractor lets us drink safe living juice removing up to 80% of agricultural chemicals and heavy metals since its low speed system gives agricultural chemicals and heavy metals time to recombine with fibroid material, to which they have a greater affinity.

Precision Twin Gears

The bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears mesh closer than those of any other twin-gear juicer (4/1000 inch clearance). This means more of the cell wall is opened, releasing more enzymes and nutrients into your juice. The twin metal gears do not touch each other which prevents any possibility of metal scraps caused by friction to get into the juice or pulp.

Pulp Extraction

The pulp knob on the front of machine allows you to control the pressure inside the machine while you juice, therefore you get the most from your produce and save time and money. This level of control assures you of high levels of juice extraction from a wide variety of vegetables.

The most Versitile Juicer

A total living food kitchen, the Hippocrates juices veggies, and makes noodles, fruit sorbets, baby food, nut butter and superb wheatgrass juice. Vegetables and various grains can also be easily ground.

Low Speed, Low Heat

The low speed rotation (160 rpm) of the unique, powerful, twin gear impeller and pressing system generates virtually no heat that would denature the juice. Vegetables are thoroughly crushed, rather than cutting and shredding them into small pieces.

Automatic Overheating Thermostat

The automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from overheating.

Quality Build

An internal stainless steel locking system strengthens the unit, making it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. The polycarbonate inner shell means fewer parts to clean than other twin gear juicers, meaning less time to clean the Juicer. Owing to its ultra precise motor The Hippocrates has a low operating noise of less than 60dB.


We have a fledgling, but rapidly expanding company producing wheatgrass juice. Because of the way we produce it, we can generate a shelf life of at least 14 days.
With sales rising we need a juicer that is able to handle large quantities of wheatgrass, is quiet to operate, and does not generate excess heat. We also need a juicer that extracts the maximum amount of juice from the plants we are growing.

Following use of a variety of juicers, including the market's assumed leaders, we can say that the Hippocrates comes out well ahead of the pack. It also scores extremely well on the clean-down process, being easy to disassemble and wash.

I hope you continue to have success in selling these machines. We are already operating a mini 'fleet' of them!
Oliver Dowding, Tonic Attack


  • RPM 160 
  • Dimensions (l x w x h) 405x190x300mm 
  • Weight 6.2kg 
  • Feeding Chamber 39.5mm 
  • Warranty 12 years 
  • Also Makes Pasta & Noodles (With Additional Parts), Nut Butters, Fruit Sorbets, Baby Food 
  • Colour White