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Magimix Blender Power 3 11641 in Satin

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Brand: Magimix
Capacity: 1.2L
Model: 11641
Colour: Satin
Finish: Glossy
Voltage: 220-240V
Wattage: 1000W
Warranty: 30 Year Motor & 3 Year Parts Guarantee
Dimensions: 38.5 cm (H) x 16.5 cm (D) x 16.5 cm (W)
Weight: 4.9 KG

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The Magimix Blender Power 3 has an unbeatable 30 year motor guarantee, this is because Magimix has designed this blender to be powerful yet robust and durable. The Blender Power 3 comes full of innovative features such as ColdMix® technology which ensures that there is an even, stable temperature while extracting as many vitamins as possible. Another innovative feature is Magimix’s BlendMix® technology, this is what gives your blended food the perfect smooth texture. It does this by its uniquely shaped square jug that helps to create a double vortex which pushes any food that hasn't been blended properly back into the centre of the machine so it can be blended again until there is an even consistency. The jug can also deal with thermal shock better than most other blenders due to it being made out of borosilicate glass which means you can blend hot and cold foods at any time. The surface of the jug is non-pours making it easy to clean since it does not absorb stains, smells or germs.     

Four Pre-Programmed Functions 

The Magimix Blender Power 3 is also programmed with 5 different functions that you can select from, designed to always give you the perfect blend. The main blend options consist of Crushed Ice, Soups, Smoothies and Frozen Desserts making this blender very versatile and allowing it to make various food items. Crushed Ice allows you to make cocktails, mocktails and granitas, The Smoothie option allows you to make healthy, thick smoothies and creamy milkshakes which is a great way to get your daily intake of vitamins without hassle. The Soup option can make soups, gazpachos and veloutés and lastly the Frozen Desserts option allows you to make home-made gelatos, frappés and sorbets. The extra option is the Auto-Clean setting which makes the Magimix Blender Power 3 easy to clean, all you have to do is select this option using the front dial which allows you to select all the options easily.     


  • Powerful 1000W motor which has 15,000RPM 

  • Small and compact design

  • Magimix app compatible 

  • 5 automatic pre-sets - Crushed Ice, Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Desserts

  • Borosilicate Glass Jug

  • Commercial grade induction motor


  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 16.5 x 16.5 x 38.5cm 

  • Colour: Satin 

  • Power (watts): 1000W

  • Warranty: 30 Year Motor Warranty, 3 Year Parts Warranty