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Hurom Juicer HH 11 2nd Generation Elite HHDBE11 in Silver Chrome

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This model has now been discontinued, please see latest H-AA 3rd Generation Alpha model

Product Description


The Hurom Juicer HH11 Elite second generation is very latest Hurom juicer released in 2014 and the long awaited upgrade of the Hurom HH 700. The new Hurom HH is able to achieve the highest juice yield of any vertical masticating juicer we’ve tested on the market and produces smooth pulp free juice thanks to the low 43 RPM motor and completely redesigned parts including the double winged augur using the Hurom slow juice (SST™) Slow Squeezing Technology. The New Hurom HH11 Elite also features the long awaited pulp control lever on the front of the Drum which allows for just the right amount of fibre for your taste and allows you to make a variety of mixed drinks including smoothies.  The HH11 Elite features 100% BPA free parts and includes both fine and coarse juicing screens as standard, the Hurom Recipe book and Hopper lid for dust-free storage.

Hurom invented vertical masticating juicers leaving the other Juicer brands playing catch up for the past 5 years as they try to copy and mimic Hurom’s design, the latest Hurom Juicer HH11 Elite once again sets the benchmark for design, innovation and quality in the increasing crowded juicer market. The Hurom Juicer HH 11 2nd Generation Elite was awarded the Reddot design award in 2013 and is the accumulation of over 40 years of experience from the world’s leading slow juicer company. is delighted to be an official Hurom distributor.

Hurom Juicer HH 11 2nd Generation Elite Product Video

Key improvements of the new HH 11 2nd Generation Elite

  • Slower 43 RPM motor vs 80 RPM of previous models – deliver a high juice yield and preserves even more of the natural fresh taste and rich nutrition of your juice
  • Creates a much smoother pulp free and foam free juice due to the redesigned augur and drum
  • Pulp control lever on the front of the Drum to control the amount of fibre in the juice and allows you to make smoothies
  • Excellent at juicing leafy greens  (many other vertical juicers struggle at juicing leafy greens
  • Larger pulp ejection chute to prevent clogging
  • New double winged augur that creates a double cut during rotation
  • Upgraded and stronger wiper blade system
  • 100% BPA free parts
  • Easier to clean parts
  • Includes both Fine and Coarse GE ULTEM Juicing Screens
  • Includes Hurom’s Recipe book 
  • Include Hurom’s new Drying Stand

Hurom Second Generation Slow Juice (SST™) Slow Squeezing Technology

Hurom’s innovative technology is the result of over 40 years of research into juicing. Traditional juicers use sharp blades rotating at high-speed to grind the fruit and vegetables. This heats up the food, causing oxidation and destroying the very nutrients and enzymes people are hoping to extract. The Hurom Slow Juicer uses patented world-first technology (SST™) that slowly squeezes maintaining a low temperature and helping preserve the natural taste and nutrition of your fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.


The Hurom second generation slow juice (SST™) Slow Squeezing Technology preserves even more of the natural fresh taste and rich nutrition of your juice by causing as little as possible oxidisation to the juice this is achieved by using a new auger design and a new motor that rotates at 50% the speed of the original motor system at only 43 RPM’s. As a result the new Hurom HH11 Elite is able to achieve higher juice yield compared to its predecessor the HH 700 and also a much smoother pulp free and foam free juice. While the RPM is nearly twice as slow as the HH 700, the new HH 11 Elite augur features a double winged augur that creates a double cut during rotation so as not to slow down the Juicing  process and renowned  convenience of the Hurom juicers.

A new drum with pulp lever and pulp outlet


The entire drum assembly has been redesigned and with the addition of a Pulp Lever, on previous models the Pulp outlet was controlled by a flap on the base of the drum guide, this feature can now be controlled from the front at varying levels. The new pulp control lever and juice cap makes it possible to customise your juices and smoothies for just the right amount of fibre for your taste and for smoothies. The pulp ejection chute is also now larger leading to less clogging.

New Wiper-Blade System



The New Wiper blade system eliminates the old cog and wheel mechanism as seen on older models giving a more integrated system with less clogging, cleaning and potential damage to the working parts.

Easy to clean


Like previous models clean-up is easy with the Hurom, if you want to keep using your juicer but need to give it a rinse in-between juicing different ingredients, simply pour water through the machine while running as normal and close the juice cap. The water will flush out most of the remaining pulp and juice. There are two cleaning brushes provided with the Hurom juicer HH-11 model and one of the brushes has a detachable smaller brush to get at difficult to reach areas. The new drum and augur design makes it easier to clean with less residue after juicing. Guide markings on the drum and strainer facilitate effortless assembly and disassembly of each part of the machine. 

Free Drying Stand and Free Hurom Recipe Book included!


hurom-drying-stand.jpeg       hurom-recipe-book.jpg

The New Hurom Juicer HH 11 2nd Generation Elite also includes Hurom’s Drying Stand for quick drying and storage of parts.

Benefits of Hurom Vertical Juicers

Renowned for their ease of use, speed of juicing and quality build; Hurom Juicers are ideal for those looking for a time saving, easy to use masticating juicer.  Traditional slow speed horizontal masticating juicers have a much smaller surface area on the juicing strainer which somewhat restricts the juice extraction process. Hurom changed that by inventing the vertical juicer and moving the juicing mechanism to the top of the juice extractor and using a strainer with a larger surface area which results in the juice passing through much quicker after it has been juiced. Hurom juicers can produce a litre of juice in about half the time it takes in traditional horizontal machines.

In the past customers who have been frustrated by the slow speed of horizontal masticating juicers have opted for centrifugal juicers however high speed juicers oxidise the juice quickly resulting in poorer nutritional value, very little enzymes and no storage value, however with the new Hurom Juicer HH 11 2nd Generation Elite you get the benefit of much faster processing times with juice that can be stored for 48 hours with minimal loss of nutrients.

Another benefit to having the juicing mechanism at the top of the juicer means the produce you feed in pretty much self-feeds as the squeezing screw draws the produce in, eliminating the need to use the food pusher with anything but leafy greens. Hurom Juciers are excellent for Juicing vegetables, fruits and larger leafy greens, however if you plan on juicing a lot of wheatgrass then we would recommend a horizontal masticating juicer instead such as a Samson, Omega or Greenstar Juicer. 

Reddot Design Award 2013


Statement by the jury of Reddot 2013 - This juicer features an innovative construction that optimises handling. Its technology enables users to make juices, ice smoothies and even baby food. Gradation markings on the drum surface allow accurate measuring of the desired amount of juice. The juicer can be cleaned easily and quickly. Marks on the drum and strainer facilitate effortless assembly and disassembly of each part of the machine. Its overall appearance is defined by curved smooth surfaces and an easy-to-reach handle that harmonises with the body shape. The operation switch is easy to handle because of its form and size. The juicer is characterised by a high degree of functionality. Both the materials used and the feature details lend it a robust appearance.

Why Choose Hurom

Hurom invented the vertical masticating juicer which today has become the most popular from of masticating juicer on the market. With over 40 years’ experience designing juicers Hurom is the world’s leading masticating juicer company who invest significantly in research and development and continually lead the way in Juicer technology innovation.

Product Specification

  • Models:  Silver HH-DBE11 / Red HH-EBE11 / White HH-WBE11
  • Voltage:    220V-240v
  • Power consumption:     150 W
  • Speed:    43 rpm
  • Cord length:    1400 mm
  • Motor:    Single-Phase Induction
  • Weight:    6.2Kg (13.6lbs)
  • Dimensions:    ( W x D x H ) 249 X 171 X 398 mm
  • Rated Usage:    Less than 30min continuously
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty on the parts and a 10 year warranty on the motor


Product Reviews

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  1. Healtier and Satisfied!

    Posted by on 25th Feb 2015

    I'm using this juicer almost everyday especially in the morning and it does the job really well if you are not in a hurry that is. The double wing augor system which is part of what made me buy this product performs as advertised. The juice is less foamy and is much brighter in it's colour. Extraction gains are also evident.

    My only complaint with most of these "Vertical" type juicers is their motor power. 150 watts is ok but to make them outstanding they do need 200 watts period.
    Carrots, beets and leafy greens are hard type veggies to juice and if you are in a hurry trying to feed it all too quickly or if you didn't have the time to cut it all to smaller pieces, often times the motor would simply stall not from clogging but from lack of power. This is the only mark down I'm going to give. Not Hurom's fault but it's OEM manufacturer "DongAh Ind Co."

    Lastly, customer service was top notch, very helpful people so don't be afraid to give them a ring if you are not sure on what product to buy. Happy Juicing!

    4 Star Review
  2. overall very happy, great juicer.

    Posted by on 4th Nov 2014

    I love how quiet this juicer is. Assembly and cleaning is very easy. Juice quality is excellent. However the juice container lid was missing from the box on arrival. Also even with the pulp outlet set to close it still comes through. I can only move the lever to closed or half closed/open position when the juicer is assembled. It cannot be moved to the fully open position while the machine is assembled and operational. Is this normal? I give four stars due to lid being missing and also the open/close function seems to not work properly for me. says: Thanks for the feedback Seamus. Really sorry about the missing lid, please pop us a quick email and we will get this out to you straight away, thanks. Sarah

    4 Star Review
  3. better than the 1 st generation

    Posted by on 28th Oct 2014

    The juices come with no bits, you can make them like smoothies or more clear if you want (thanks to the close open function), the pulp is drier indeed. It is slightly quieter, I liked the drying rack. The cap was keeping on falling down and closed the outlet but the have send me the replacement. overall worth the money!!

    5 Star Review
  4. Top Quality

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2014

    For a machine that does such powerful work, it is very neat and unobtrusive, extremely quiet while in operation and does not move. Easy to assemble, use and clean afterwards. I'm using the fine screen and the juice is exceptionally smooth. It is expensive but " you pay for what you get " in this case.. Clever design and engineering. Impressive.

    5 Star Review
  5. love it

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2014

    Finally the juicer that gives high yields, can juice almost anything, easy to assemble, easy to clean.
    The only disadvantage would be that the veg/ fruit has to be chopped into much smaller pieces then for the centrifugal juicers. But having said that I still love it, the juice tastes so much better that from our old juicer.
    Worth every penny.

    5 Star Review
  6. all doubts vanished

    Posted by on 9th Oct 2014

    The delivery was rapid and smooth (I was a bit in doubt about the appliance working on the main land - outside of Ireland- but a adaptor is included!!!!) So all my doubts vanished in a blink.
    The machine works perfectly and I am just loving it!! this truly is the best of juicers :-)

    The only downside was that the little lid that closes the juice outlet was broken in the box as it arrived. So it falls of when I open the outlet.
    And I don't yet know where I could get a spare lid...

    4 Star Review
  7. Ottimo, tutto bene.

    Posted by on 8th Oct 2014

    Prodotto di qualità, un pò caro(ma meno che in Italia)ma adeguato alla qualità del prodotto.
    Adesso mi sparo succhi dalla mattina alla sera.
    Il prodotto viene fornito con adattatore
    presa elettrica UK/EU.
    Il pacco è ben imballato.
    La consegna è volece, arriva in 4 giorni.
    Consiglio tranquillamente l'acquisto anche dall'Italia.
    Venditore affidabile.Sono soddisfatto.

    5 Star Review
  8. Quick delivery

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2014

    Product was quickly delivered, with ups tracking, day after order, international shipping. product was in order and well packaged.

    4 Star Review
  9. The leader of slow juicer

    Posted by on 2nd Sep 2014

    No words to describe this product, simply amazing and other world respect the competitors. The price is high(in any case less than Italy market from where I bought) but the quality is totaly respected: it's really a good purchase.

    5 Star Review

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