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Hurom H310 Self-Feeding Mini Slow Juicer in White

€349.00 Multi-Purpose Utility Knife Mini Chopping Board
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Free Delivery to Ireland


Brand: Hurom
Model: H310
Colour: White
Finish: Matte
Speed: 37 ~ 43 RPM
Voltage: 220v
Warranty: 10 Years (Motor) 2 Years (Parts)
Wattage: 100 W
Dimensions: 39.5 cm (H) x 17.2 cm (D) x 16.0 cm (W)
Weight: 3.4 KG
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The Hurom H310 offers a lot of features in a very compact and streamlined package. It’s an ideal option for people only looking to produce 1 or 2 juices in a day, yet despite its minified design, it still offers the user experience and performance seen in its higher-spec peers.


Key Features

  • Juicing speed of 43 rotations per minute
  • Self-feeding single augur juicing mechanism
  • Slow Squeeze Technology™
  • Unique multi-screw augur
  • BPA-free juicing components
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimalist compact design
  • Power-efficient 100-watt motor

Product Video

Self-Feeding Slow Juicing

Like many of Hurom’s more recent juicer releases, the H310 is a self-feeding juicer, all be it on a smaller scale. This means that when it comes to juicing, it can work completely by itself without the need for supervision or manual feeding of ingredients.

In essence, this means that it’s a huge time saver as the 5 - 10 minutes that would typically be spent dropping ingredients into the juicer 1-by-1 can now be used freely. All that’s required is to fill the top container with produce before turning the motor on.

Although, unlike its full-size sibling, the H300, the H310’s smaller container can’t handle whole fruits and vegetables. Therefore, some brief preparation is necessary. But this can be kept to a minimum as the crushing hook within the container can still do a lot of the work by itself.

Multi-Screw Mechanism

Paired up with the self-feeding technology, the H310 also makes use of a multi-screw mechanism also found in the Hurom H300. This latest mechanism is Hurom’s most capable and efficient to date, and it offers fast results with only 3 core parts, reducing the number of failure points.

Alongside a boost in efficiency, the multi-screw can also be used for other functions such as producing nut milk or ice cream without the need for any additional parts or accessories. As a result, it proves very versatile and allows the H310 to be used for more than just juicing.

Slow Squeeze Technology™

To ensure great juice yields, Hurom implements its patented Slow Squeeze Technology™ in all of its models. The H310 is no exception to this rule, and it operates at an optimal rotation speed of 43 RPM.

This slow speed gives all ingredients plenty of contact time with the augur, ensuring that maximum yields can be extracted. The increased juicing time also allows for greater levels of nutrient extraction for a higher-quality end result.

Easy-Clean Parts

Beyond its juicing-related advantages, the Hurom H310 is also lightning quick to clean. For starters, it only has 3 parts that need washing after each use, all of which rinse clean in a matter of seconds.

This is then further supplemented by the previously mentioned multi-screw augur, which can be separated into 2 halves, making it very easy to wash away any residual pulp while reaching every nook.

High-Quality Materials

Rounding out the package, Hurom have built the H310 to their usual high standard, despite its relatively low price. To that end, it is constructed from a range of tried and tested BPA-free plastics that are known for their durability.

This ensures they won’t leach chemicals while allowing them to handle the high-pressure environment required for proper juicing, without the risk of them cracking or breaking.

Compact Design

Last of all, a big advantage for the H310 is its incredibly compact build, which not only keeps it very lightweight but also makes it easy to store or even travel with. A set of advantages that will likely appeal to the H310’s primary audience.

It’s not entirely focused on practicality though, as the body also has a sleek and minimalist design that is available in a range of colours. Allowing it to fit seamlessly into most kitchens without needing to be hidden away.