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Blueair Aware Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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Free Delivery to Ireland

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The Blueair Aware is a stand-alone air quality monitor that can be used to detect hundreds of different airborne contaminants while providing real-time data based on the information it gathers.

Key Features

  • Detects 100’s of particles including PM 2.5 and VOCs
  • Real-time data feedback
  • Allows for optimal purifier usage
  • Sends quality data directly to a smart device
  • Data history logs can pinpoint recurring trends

Real-Time Data

A significant benefit of the Blueair Aware can be seen in its ability to provide real-time feedback based on the particles it can detect. This allows for a fast response to changes in air quality, ensuring that a purifier can be adjusted accordingly to account for worse conditions.

Smart Connectivity

To ensure the data it collects can be accessed conveniently, Blueair has built the Aware monitor to be compatible with their Blueair Friend app, which can be downloaded on most smart devices.

Through its connection to the app, the Aware monitor can send all the data it collects directly to a smart device, allowing easy access to all the information gathered.