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Blueair Cabin Air P2i Air Purifier

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Brand: Blueair
Model: Cabin Air P2i
Colour: Black
Filter Life: 6 Months
Noise Level: 35 - 55 dB
Room Capacity: Up to 4 m²
Wattage: 2.2 - 7 W
Dimensions: 9.7 cm (H) x 20.5 cm (D) x 20.5 cm (W)
Weight: 1.1 KG

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The ideal choice for vehicle air purification, the Blueair Cabin P2i offers an advanced filtration solution that has been designed toi work in spaces up to 4 m². It’s Combination filter technology is highly effective against a wide array of allergens and contaminants with an emphasis on combatting vehicle emissions.

Key Features

  • Combination filtration technology
  • Inbuilt air quality sensors
  • Efficient 2.2 to 7 watt energy consumption
  • Capable of completing a full cabin air rotation in 6 minutes
  • Operates between 35 to 55 dB
  • Automatic operation mode
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Filters last for 6 months or 4380 hours of use
  • 2 USB charging ports

HEPA & Carbon Filtration

The Combination filter used in the Cabin Air P2i marks the current peak for air filtration technology. Built to combine both HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration it is effective against many different contaminants and allergens. This includes pollen, dust, PM 2.5, pet dander, smoke, mould, formaldehyde, benzene and tire wear.

Its 95% effectiveness against allergens allows it to make a notable difference very quickly and it has an expected life of 6 months or around 4,380 hours of use. As a result, the Combination filter doesn’t need replacing too frequently and it can be easily to disposed of as it is widely recycled.

Sensory Feedback

To further advance its purification abilities, the P2i features inbuilt environment sensors. These allow it to detect and analyse the quality of the air in its surrounding environment and provide feedback based on the results.

As a result, the Cabin Air P2i provides a much greater depth of control, and its feedback can be used to save energy or improve performance. However, when fully utilised with the automatic operation mode, the sensors allow the P2i to function independently and switch between speed settings to achieve optimal results.

Efficient Operation

To match the top purification quality offered by the P2i, Blueair has worked hard to make it very efficient when in operation. As a result, at its highest level, it only uses 7 watts of power and at its lowest level, it works at a mere 2.2 watts.

Optimised Filter Structure

The Combination filter used in the Cabin Air P2i also implements a gradient structure of ultrasonically bonded fibres, which allows for maximum airflow to be maintained while allergens are removed. The complex nature of this structure also prevents allergens from escaping back into the surrounding environment once they are captured.

Straightforward Controls

Beyond its impressive purification ability, the Cabin Air P2i is also very easy to control through Blueair’s, free to download, app. This app can be installed on any smart device such as a phone or tablet and it allows the purifier to be controlled remotely once the unit has been paired.