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Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Water Filter


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    Quick install quality filter

    This is my second shower filter from aquasana I have tried others filters but this is the best for your skin. A must have for anyone suffering with sensitive skin

    Posted by Eoin on 21st Feb 2022
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    Best Buy EVER!!

    I was suffering from dry skin and dry hair for a very long time. I tried so many different skin products and shampoos with no luck. I finally came across this shower filter and I thought I would give it a go seeing that I had tried all other options. To my surprise, this shower filter has made a significant difference to my hair which is a lot more healthier now and my skin is no longer as dry as it used to be. I can definitely see a big improvement. It has made me realise what a difference chlorine makes to your body. I would recommend this product to everyone regardless of whether you suffer from dry skin and hair because chlorine will be affecting your body but you may just not experience the symptoms like I did.

    Posted by Leanne on 9th Nov 2016


The AQ-4100 shower filter is the perfect way to combat contaminants in shower water for healthier hair and skin. Through a 2-stage filtration method that combines Coconut Shell Carbon and KDF 55 Process Media, it can reduce Chlorine levels by over 90%, while also removing many different synthetic compounds and VOC's. It has a rated capacity of 10,000 gallons (38,000 litres) and can last for up to 6 months once the filter has been activated, keeping replacements to a minimum.

Benefits of the AQ-4100

  • 2-stage filtration for superior contaminant removal
  • NSF Certified for standards 42 and 61
  • 6-month filter life with a 10,000 gallon (38,000 litres) capacity
  • Fast and straightforward installation method
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Stronger, healthier hair that is protected against Chlorine damage
  • Soother skin that remains hydrated for longer through reduced exposure to Chlorine
  • Reduced levels of synthetic compounds and VOC's

Filtration Capabilities

The AQ-4100 uses a 2-stage filtration method to remove contaminants from shower water. The first layer is made up of a blend of Zinc and Copper and is known as KDF 55 Process Media. It reduces Chlorine levels and helps to balance and enhance the water's pH. The second layer consists of AquaSorb HX Coconut Shell Carbon, which, like the first layer, reduces Chlorine levels and removes synthetic compounds. Between these layers, the AQ-4125 filter used in the AQ-4100 meets the NSF Certified Standards 42 and 61 and is able to reduce Chlorine levels by over 90%.

Healthier Skin & Hair

Chlorine may be a good way of keeping bacteria levels low, but unfortunately, it can lead to dry, flaky skin and straw-like, flat hair by stripping away natural protective oils. Therefore, by reducing Chlorine levels by over 90% with the AQ-4100 you can re-energise and revitalise both your skin and hair, keeping them hydrated for longer for smoother and softer results.

The filtration offered by the AQ-4100 also enhances hair and body washing products such as shampoos, conditioners and lotions by allowing them to lather with greater ease. This allows for less product to be used each time, saving money and time every day.

Finally, it can also heavily reduce the levels of many different synthetic compounds and VOC's (volatile organic compounds). These chemicals can vaporise in hot water, allowing them to be inhaled or absorbed through the skin, potentially causing adverse health and cosmetic effects.

Installation Method

The AQ-4100 has been built for easy installation and it can be put together quickly without the need for professional help. It has been designed to attach to any existing shower pipe with a 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) diameter and it screws on easily over the top with a strong watertight connection.

Replacement Method

The AQ-4125 filter cartridge used in the AQ-4100 is easy to replace and following the recommended method it should take only a couple of minutes to complete. Each replacement cartridge is provided with a set of instructions showing the fastest method to safely remove the old cartridge and install the new one and no power tools are required to make the exchange.