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Zumex Versatile Pro Commercial Citrus Juicer in Graphite


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Free Delivery to Ireland


Brand: Zumex
Model: Versatile Pro
Colour: Grey
Feeder Capacity: 10 kg
Finish: Glossy
Fruit Diameter: 65 - 81 mm
Fruits per Minute: 22
Voltage: 220v
Wattage: 380 W
Warranty: 2 Years (Commercial)
Dimensions: 85.0 cm (H) x 47.0 cm (D) x 55.0 cm (W)
Weight: 54.0 KG

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The Zumex Versatile Pro is a highly practical commercial citrus juicer, designed for use in environments with medium to high consumption requirements. When used to its upper limit, it can juice up to 22 citrus fruits a minute and offers a very streamlined experience with a high-capacity feeder, an LED display touch interface and 2 operation modes.

Key Features

  • Juices up to 22 fruits per minute
  • Original system citrus juicing mechanism
  • Processes fruit sized from 65 mm to 81mm
  • 2 operation modes (Self-Service & Professional)
  • IPX4 splash-proof classification
  • Feeder capacity of up to 10 kg of fruit
  • Unique ASP (Antibacterial Silver Polymer) coating
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-Step extraction kit
  • Intuitive LED display touch control panel
  • Integrated peel buckets
  • Highly practical design
  • Power-efficient 380-watt motor

Original System Juicing

To juice citrus fruits effectively, the Versatile Pro makes use of Zumex’s Original System juicing mechanism. This system allows for fruits to be automatically grabbed from the feeder, split in half and pressed in a highly efficient process that maximises juice production over time.

The Original System has also been designed to press fruits with the optimal amount of force. This ensures that maximum juice yields are extracted without the bitter essential oils contained within the peel, making for tastier juice with minimal waste.

ASP Antibacterial Technology

Since the Versatile Pro is designed primarily for use in a commercial environment, hygiene is crucial. To ensure their juicers can resist bacterial growth, Zumex has developed a unique antibacterial silver polymer (ASP) coating, which is based on silver ion technology.

This coating is used on all of the internal juicing parts and is designed to resist wear while also inhibiting the growth of bacteria or mould on the parts. This ensures they can remain safe to use throughout the course of a day despite frequent contact with food.

Versatile Operation Modes

For some added versatility, there are two different operation modes built into the Versatile Pro. The first of these is a self-service mode, which required the tap to be manually released in order for it to pour out juice. This allows for the Versatile Pro to be used directly by customers in self-service environments

The second mode is known as Professional, and it allows for continuous juice production from an exact number of fruits. This mode is best for use by trained staff and makes for a smoother process that requires less manual interaction.

Advanced Safety Features

In order to prolong the life of the parts and motor while minimising the risk of extreme damage, the Versatile Pro is fitted with a couple of useful safety features. The first of these is a double detection system, which can safeguard all risk areas and shut the device off whenever an unsafe action occurs.

That is then further supported by a motor seizure detection system, which causes the Versatile Pro to completely shut off when any motor error occurs. This ensures that any issues aren’t made worse by continued force on potentially damaged parts.

Functional Design

Lastly, the Zumex Versatile Pro offers a very practical design, built to offer a very streamlined yet flexible experience. For user convenience, it offers a very large feeder, that can hold up to 10 kg of fruit in a single load, heavily reducing the frequency with which it needs to be refilled.

Moving downwards, it also comes with a pair of integrated peel waste buckets, which can easily be removed to be emptied and cleaned. It also offers a removable drip tray, accommodating the use of larger juice receptacles such as jugs.