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Zumex Minex Commercial Citrus Juicer in Silver


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Brand: Zumex
Model: Minex
Colour: Silver
Feeder Capacity: 6 - 7
Finish: Glossy
Fruit Diameter: 65 - 78 mm
Fruits per Minute: 13
Voltage: 220v
Wattage: 44 - 50 W
Warranty: 2 Years (Commercial)
Dimensions: 72.0 cm (H) x 36.5 cm (D) x 36.0 cm (W)
Weight: 19.5 KG

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The Minex has a sleek design that offers automatic citrus juicing. With just a touch of a button, you can control the activity of the machine or the number of oranges to be squeezed, which is ideal if you are wanting to get on with other important tasks. You can also serve the juice directly into a glass via the tap or for larger batches directly into the juicing jug. The Zumex Minex is a great choice for small venues wanting to provide freshly squeezed citrus juice.

Key Features

  • Juices up to 13 fruits per minute
  • Can handle fruits up to 78 mm in diameter
  • Practical size
  • Simple “Push Button” operation
  • Digital display and orange counter
  • 2 operating modes: Self Service and bulk juicing
  • Includes an anti-bacterial system.
  • Easy disassembly.
  • For moderate consumption.
  • 75cl Juicing container


The Minex has been designed to be an attractive kitchen appliance, so having it front of house will definitely appeal to your customers. Zumex also offers customisable panels to change up the colour of your juicer, helping to create a trendy environment.

Operating Modes

The Minex offers 2 modes for collecting the juice, depending on what type of setting you are wanting to create you can easily swap between self-service or bulk juicing. The self-service mode can let customers go up to the juicer and press their glass against the tap, which can minimise wait time and give them the freedom to grab a glass of fresh orange juice whenever they like. The Bulk juicing mode will produce up to 75cl at a time in the juicing container which is great for big orders.

Hygiene and Safety

A commercial juicer needs to be easy to clean and the Minex offers easily removable dishwasher-safe parts and an ASP system created by Zumex. The ASP eliminates and inhibits the growth of any bacteria, by up to 99.9% by using silver ions that inhibit bacterial growth between washes, providing extra-effective protection and durability.

Safety is an important feature in any commercial appliance, especially you are offering a self service option. Zumex have included a triple safety system so operation is only possible if all parts are mounted and it stops users from accidentally opening the machine in the unlikely event of a fault.

Our Verdict

The Zumex Minex is a small but practical, commercial citrus juicer. It’s capable of juicing 13 oranges per minute with a maximum fruit diameter of 78mm, this will not only help with production time, but it will produce less waste as you can customise how many oranges you want to juice. Whether you use the self-service or the bulk juicing mode, your customers will be impressed either way.