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Vidia BL-001 Vacuum Blender in Red

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Brand: Vidia
Colour: Red
Weight: 7.0 KG

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Vidia Vacuum Blender BL-001

The Vidia BL-001 is a revolutionary vacuum blender that is set apart from other available blenders. For many years, blender developers have been trying to tackle the issue of nutrient loss through oxygen reaction that occurs at high RPM blending. Vidia has solved this problem with the BL-001 vacuum blender. As the name suggested, this blender removes the air from the jar, thus eliminating the oxidation reaction. The result is a juice with no foam, enhanced colours, a finer blend and higher nutrient content.

Aside from functionality, the Vidia BL-001 vacuum blender has been elegantly designed. The contemporary style is sure to complement any kitchen. This being said, the beautiful modern design hasn’t detracted from its usability and thanks to the 1.5 litres BPA-free Tritan jar, you can create an ample amount of juices, smoothies or sauces in one blending session.

The Vidia BL-001 vacuum blender demonstrates a powerful performance. It utilises the unique hexa-blade system. These six blades are angled differently and create the perfect blending solution. This, coupled with the powerful 20,000 rpm motor and decreased resistance, deliver a much smoother consistency.

Although technically advanced, the Vidia BL-001 vacuum blender is intuitive and easy to use, thanks to the simple controls. It features an analogue variable speed control and an automatic one-touch control that will create a vacuum and blend the ingredients.

Once you have created a smoothie or juice using the vacuum function you can store it in the additional vacuum jar. This helps to reduce oxidation and preserve the nutrients and goodness. All you have to do is pour the juice into the vacuum jar, place on blender base, press the vacuum button and wait a few seconds.

Of course, you don't have to use the vacuum feature on the blender however colour vibrancy is greater and consistency is smoother. The vacuum feature is more effective with certain ingredients, such as apples but the motor is powerful enough to handle common ingredients such as celery, kale, raw pumpkin, ice and frozen berries. Dry ingredients, such as nuts, should be avoided.

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• Solves the issue of nutrient loss through oxygen reaction
• Creates a smoothie with no foam, enhanced colour, a finer blend and higher nutrient content
• Elegantly designed with a contemporary style
• Large 1.5 litre BPA-free Tritan jar
• Hexa-blade system
• powerful 20,000rpm motor
• Intuitive and easy to use
• Simple controls
• Analogue variable speed control
• Automatic one-touch control
• Additional vacuum storage jar
• Easy to clean
• 960W
• 3.4kg
• 200 x 220 x 448mm
• 2 years motor and parts warranty