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Tyent MMP Filter Cartridge Bundle

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Tyent MMP Series Upgraded Replacement Filter Set

Upgraded Tyent Rettin MMP series dual filter set featuring Carbonit active carbon block and UF Membrane filter ensuring the very best water filtration possible for your MMP ot MMP Turbo Ionizer. Compatible with all MMP models.

The primary filter is a Carbonit active carbon block filter. German made Carbonit active carbon block filters remove heavy metals, asbestos, bacteria, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues without filtering important minerals such as calcium or magnesium. Furthermore; active carbon removes undesired odorous or flavouring substances and neutralizes chlorine which is often added by the waterworks as a disinfectant. Carbonit Filters are made from the high-carbon shell of coconuts. Hermetically sealed, the shells are carbonized and refined in a unique, internationally patented process. The black powder is then baked in ovens at high temperature and pressed in the form of cartridges.

The secondary filter is the UF Membrane filter.  The Ultra Filter membrane features tiny micro-pores of 0.01um which the water is forced through, the pores of the UF membranes are so tiny that bacteria and viruses are unable to pass through. This filter also removes any remnant chlorine and organic/inorganic compounds using the activation - absorption method generating perfectly clean water for consumption.