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Tribest PB-350 Personal Blender in White

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Brand: Tribest
Colour: White
Weight: 2.0 KG

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The Tribest Pb-350 personal blender is not only compact but ergonomically designed for easy and portable use. You will receive one large and one small tough and robust polycarbonate plastic containers that can be used equally well for blending and grinding. Once your ingredients are processed these containers can be used to serve or drink out of. 

The great thing about the Tribest Pb-350 personal blender is that you can use it to pulse or continually blend so easily; no buttons required. To pulse, all you have to do is press down on the container whereas to continually blend, simply push down and twist. It’s so easy!

As well as a powerful hand blender, you will also receive 3 glass jars, which can also be used as a blending jug, before being used as a storage container or drinking vessel. If you’re new to blending you can use the included guide, which contains a total of 40 easy to follow recipes such as soups, sauces, salsas, dips, porridges, pesto, pates, puddings and even baby food.

The additional grinder blade is powerful enough to grinder seeds, nuts, coffee beans or even flaxseeds to a fine powder, which you can add into other recipes. You will also receive a high-quality glass mug and as well as a sipping lid so that you can take your smoothies or juices anywhere you like. 

Tribest is an award-winning health product manufacturer. Their ingenious design mean that it's impossible for you to touch the blades; the ultimate safety measure. 

Once you have finished using your Tribest Pb-350 personal blender to concoct you delicious drink, sauce or soup, actually cleaning it takes no time at all and in fact all parts are completely dishwasher safe. Furthermore, you can take your blender anywhere you like, because it is so portable.

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Product Details

  • Gives the ability for blending, serving and storage of favourite juices
  • Compatible with the popular regular mouth shaped glass mason jars
  • An ideal device for serving up single helpings of smoothies, shakes, protein drinks, etc.
  • Complete with a 200 (two hundred) watt motor which make short work in crushing and blending various items e.g. frozen fruit, ice, coffee

The PB-350 Mason Jar Personal Blender features:

  • Motor Base -  (This is AC 120Volts, 60 Hertz and 200 Watts)
  • One stainless steel Blade Assembly for Blending (with 4 prongs)
  • One stainless steel Grinding Assembly (with 2 prongs)
  • Jar adaptor for Mason Jars
  • One 450ml BPA-FREE large Cup
  • One 250ml BPA-FREE small Cup
  • Three Cup Lids
  • One 340ml Drinking Mug (in glass)
  • One 230ml Mason Jar (in glass)
  • One 120ml  Mason Jar (in glass)
  • One 75ml Mason Jar (in glass)
  • Three x Lids for Mason Jars
  • One Lid for Commuting


  • 21.7 inches [width] x 13.4 inches [height] x 15.8 inches [depth]
  • 200 Watts Motor
  • Voltage - 220Volts
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • One Year Warranty