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Tribest PB-250XL Personal Blender in White with 2 Large Cups

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Free Delivery to Ireland

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This blender is designed for single servings and within the package there are two 550ml BPA Free PB XL blending containers in addition to the complete PB-250 package!

Offering versatility and portability the PB-250XL is ideal for crushing ice, making smoothies and for use on the go, wherever you are. This model is delivered with 2 x 550ml BPA free extra-large cups, which is unique to this market. 

Product Information:

  • There are two functioning modes for this model:
    • One-touch pulse mode or
    • Hold down for continuous grinding and blending
  • Make your favourite recipes wherever you want in less than 60 seconds with the Tribest PB-250XL.
  • The blender is supplied with an easy to understand manual with clear instructions on how to use and maintain the blender. Also contained are forty recipes for a variety of creations including puddings, pesto, salsas, sauces, soups, dips, pates, porridge, baby foods and more
  • The Grinder is both powerful and compact, a powerful combination! Watch the grinder easily grind seeds, coffee beans and other types of beans, nuts and the often challenging flax seeds
  • The PB-250XL model is basically the same as the PB-150 except for the grinder functionality which is an added extra

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The Package Includes:

  • Motor Base for the Blender -  (AC 120Volts, 60 Hertz, 200Watts)
  • One x stainless steel Blade Assembly for Blending (with four prongs)
  • One x stainless steel Blade Assembly for Grinding (with 2 prongs)
  • Two x 550ml Extra Large Cups (these are BPA free)
  • Two x 450 ounce Large Cups (these are BPA free)
  • Two x 250 ounce Small Cups (these are BPA free)
  • Five x Lids for Cups
  • One x Lid for Commuters

Product Details:

  • Motor: 200 Watts
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Manufactured in South Korea