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Tribest DSP-1050 Dynapro Commercial Vacuum Blender in Black

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Brand: Tribest
Colour: Black
Weight: 5.9 KG

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Smoothies tend to oxidise pretty quickly if you're not drinking them straight away or storing them correctly. The Dynapro Vacuum Blender manages to solve the problem of oxidation by using a vacuum in the blending process. By using a vacuum, you will receive much more nutrition that can often be lost in standard blenders. Your ingredients will also benefit from the 2.5 hp motor, that will pulverise the majority of produce into a smooth consistency. 


Key Features 

  • Vacuum function for a more nutritious blend 
  • BPA Free parts 
  • Noise reducing jug  
  • 2.5 hp motor 
  • 3 modes of operation 
  • Manual, timer or automatic 'one touch' control functions
  • Backlit LCD timer
  • Metal on metal blade drive coupling for increased durability
  • Stainless steel scoop and blade 
  • Raw Temperature indicator 
  • Vacuum pump included 
  • Safety system will not allow blender to start unless jug is situated properly 

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The Power of Vacuum Blending 

Oxidation is a chemical reaction to oxygen that can often turn fruit and vegetables to turn brown. There are many disadvantages to oxidation such as loss of valuable nutrients and enzymes, decreased shelf life, decreased colour and a less tasty blend. 

Preventing oxidation isn’t easy, especially if you are using fruits such as apples and bananas. Using a vacuum at the very beginning of the blending process can make such a difference to the overall quality and nutritional value of the blend.  

Unfortunately, standard blenders tend to incorporate a lot of air in the blending process, which can create rapid oxidation making your blend turn bad even quicker. This is why we always advise customers to drink or eat there blends as soon as possible, as this is when the smoothie or mixture is at its best. 

Raw Temperature Indicator 

The Tribest Dynapro’s main advantage is preserving nutrients and enzymes through the use of a vacuum and a temperature indicator. If you didn’t already know, temperature plays a big part in preserving and destroying nutrients, so it is in your best interest to monitor the temperature of your blend. 

Tribest has created an easy way to keep an eye on the temperature throughout the blending process, by providing a blue star on the side of the jug.  The blue star will change to white when your blend starts to become warm and potentially start losing nutrients. If you are following a raw diet this nifty little indicator will be a lifesaver. 

Upgraded Elements 

The 64-ounce blending jug is double walled, which will help with noise reduction and adds extra durability for peace of mind. The jug also comes with a vacuum lid which should be used with the vacuum pump that is provided.  

The blade of the Dynapro is also made of hardened stainless steel which has 4 cross blades, to ensure all of your ingredients can be chopped, pulverised and blended. 

An upgraded vacuum pump has been added to make vacuuming easier. The Dynapro 1050 B now comes with an automatic vacuum pump, instead of a manual pump.  

A great accessory is the stainless steel scoop, which can be used as a measuring spoon and tamper when the vacuum function is not in use. This is a unique feature that is perfect for getting every last bit of your mixture out of the jug. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Model: DPS-1050A
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 269x246x455
  • Power (hp): 2.5
  • Weight (kg): 5.9
  • Warranty: 15 Years (Domestic) 3 Years (Commercial)