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Sana EUJ-727 Supreme Horizontal Slow Juicer in Black with Oil Extractor

€949.00 Multi-Purpose Utility Knife Mini Chopping Board
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Brand: Sana
Weight: 6.0 KG
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Sana have tackled the conception, design and development of the 727 Supreme” with a refreshed look at making the worlds best horizontal juicer. Their newest and most standout feature in the 727 is Sanas choice of motor, choosing to go with a brushless motor for its numerous advantages over the more widely used brushed motors. The 727 now features a higher torque to weight ratio, increased reliability due to far less friction on the moving parts, vastly reduced operation noise and finally more power/torque per watt of power used. This makes the new motor even more energy efficient in operation than ever before. Sana have also enhanced the 727 with a variable speed control which effectively allows you to choose between 4 augur rotation speed settings – 40, 65, 90 and 120 Rpm. This new feature really allows you to extract the most out of your ingredients as Sana understand that a single juice can contain ingredients that require a slightly different speed to extract the most out of the ingredients. This refers to the amount of pressure that is exerted at certain speeds, for example softer citrus pieces juice extremely well under the 120rpm settings for maximum yield and then the speed can be lowered for harder ingredients like carrot or beetroot 40rpm speed. This enables to slowly apply more pressure evenly across the augur to press and crush the fibres inside harder ingredients to release the juices and nutrients. With all these as standout new features, the 727 really does set a new much higher standard, hence called theSupreme”.


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The Juicing System

The juicing parts and juicing system that the 727 uses will look very familiar to any user of previous Sana horizontal juicers, however, there have been fine yet calculated adjustments to those parts to further increase the final quality of the juice and efficiency of the juice you get on the whole.

From the top, the hopper is now a dual feed style hopper to enable for much easier feeding of produce making the user experience much more pleasant and the juicing process quicker. The secondary hopper is particularly useful when adding a handful of ingredients like cherry tomatoes or berries in between juicing celery and leafy greens.

The new augur now notably has more widely spaced fins from the base to the tip, in operation this allows the augur to take a bigger bite” of the incoming produce as it then begins to move the produce along and apply pressure to extract the juice and nutrients inside. The tip of the Augur now also has a recess, this is so that the next new feature of the juicing system in Sana 727 does its job, and that is to rotate the stainless-steel blade now housed in the end juicing cap. Its job is to rotate at the final point where the pulp is ejected from the juicer and apply a final bit of pressure. This helps ensure that maximum juice has been extracted from the pulp.

The drum guide that houses the augur and screen now has a handy juice cap like seen with the vertical models, that prevents leaks and drips and also helps with the cleaning process a great deal. This will also prevent that annoying trail of juice drips from the worktop to the sink that most horizontals leave due to not having a juice flap or cap, a small, simple but extremely welcome addition to the Sana 727s drum guide. Between juicing different recipes, this juice cap also allows you to simply close it, pour water into the hopper and run the juicer quickly to refresh the chamber and screen without having to remove and disassemble the whole drum.

The juicing screen remains mainly unchanged and are still comprised of extremely tough BPA free Tritan plastic and food grade stainless steel for the screen sections. Ensuring that both hygiene levels are maintained and that the screen can perform consistently.

Now the final notable change to the juicing parts is that they can all be attached to the juicing body with one hand effortlessly. This is thanks to the removal of the twisting clamp method previously used and now adopting an automatic twist and lock into place feature. This works best with all parts pre-assembled in the drum guide but can also be done part by part onto the juicing body if needed. Again, removal is just as simple with a button press and then a twist to the right before the entire juicing body comes away from the juicer, leak and drip free thanks to the new locking juice cap, after which you are free to transport it over to the sink for cleaning.

Aside from very good juicing

Now here at we would always champion using a juicer, but with the Sana 727 and its new motor and honed augur with new pulp blade, you can use the included Coarse, Blank/Homogenising screens to tackle making high quality nut butters, milks, frozen sorbets, baby foods and much more. Again, with the screens comprising of BPA free Tritan and food grade stainless steel, you can guarantee your juices will be nutritional, hygienic and have a pleasant and consistent texture.

The Sana 727 also features something that has rarely been seen outside of the famed Angel brand of juicers and that is an Auto-Reverse function. Included by Sana to help prolong the life of the juicer and more importantly the juicing parts, the clever auto reverse sensor will detect when any produce has jammed inside the drum guide and will actively go into the reverse mode for 2 seconds to ease the blockage/cause of resistance and then resume back in the forward motion. This is particularly effective when using the Sana 727 to make nut butters with the homogenising screen or when using the brilliant and optional Sana Oil Extractor with various seeds.

Finally, we have the Bohemian Crystal glass with juice sieve and extra-large stainless-steel pulp collection containers. With the Bohemian Crystal glass that Sana has included, all being hand crafted at the Novosad and Son glassworks” in the mountains of the Czech Republic, you get a lovely solid professional looking glass receptacle to juice into. Fitting perfectly under the juice outlet cap (even with the included sieve atop) and holding 500ml it is the perfect addition to enjoy your juice straight from. For a handy tip, on hotter days its worth putting the glass in the fridge before juicing into it to help maintain the juice freshness.

Key Features

  • Variable Speed Motor capable of 40, 65, 90, and 120 Augur rotation speed
  • New Powerful Brushless DC Motor
  • Highest rated torque output for a horizontal juicer
  • Increased Motor efficiency saving you money on energy costs thanks to new brushless motor
  • New Stainless-Steel pulp cutting blade
  • Free etched Bohemian Crystal Juice collection Glass (500ml)

Technical Specifications

  • Model: 727
  • Colour: Red
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 379 x 198 x 390
  • Speed (RPM): 40, 65, 90, 120
  • Warranty: 10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)
  • Wattage: 150
  • Weight (kg): 5.0
  • Sana Oil Extractor Warranty: 2 Years (Augur & Regulating Rings) 5 Years (Other Parts)