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Tribest Yolife Yogurt Maker in Black

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Home-made Yogurt from just 10 cents per serving! 

Save money by making your own delicious, fresh yogurt at home and know that what you and your family are eating contains healthy, live "good" bacteria.

The Yolife Yogurt Maker is the fast and easy way to make fresh yogurt at home.  In just 10-12 hours, Yolife can make up to over 1 litre/ 42 oz of nutritious yogurt from a variety of milks from whole milk to soymilk with the convenient glass containers that are included.  Unique to the Yolife Yogurt Maker is the tall cover which comes in addition to the regular cover - allowing you to use larger glass or plastic containers to make up to 2 litres/80 oz of yogurt.

Simply add milk or soymilk, active cultures, and your favourite flavourings to make delicious and creamy yogurt at home. Yolife maintains the optimal environment for the active cultures to turn your milk or soymilk into nutritious yogurt filled with beneficial probiotics.

Key Features


  • Yolife comes complete with seven 117 ml/ 6 oz glass jars to make creamy and delicious yogurt for each day of the week
  • Add chopped fruit into each jar to make delicious fruit-flavoured yogurts
  • Time indicator to remind you when your yogurt will be ready to eat
  • Unlike other yogurt makers Yolife comes with a tall cover - Use your own glass containers to make larger batches
  • Make yogurt in your  blender for quick and easy smoothies
  • Yogurt made fresh in Yolife can contain much higher amounts of active cultures than store-bought yogurt
  • 5 year warranty

Yolife For Your Health - Home made Yogurt vs Store Bought Yogurt

Yogurt is an important source of probiotics that are crucial for helping maintain proper digestive and overall health.  Probiotics, like the active "friendly" bacteria found in yogurt, may provide health benefits when consumed in significant enough quantities.  Making fresh yogurt at home can provide you with higher amounts of active probiotics in each serving than you can find in store bought yogurt.  That's because the active cultures in store bought yogurt can decrease while sitting on store shelves.

Yogurt helps replenish the beneficial "friendly" bacteria naturally occurring in the digestive system that may be diminished due to anti-biotics, excess alcohol, a poor diet, or even stress.  Maintaining the careful balance of "good" vs "bad" bacteria in your digestive tract helps you digest your food and helps maintain your overall health.

In fact, studies have shown that consuming probiotics can help boost your immune system, and help with symptoms of constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, and much more.