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Frucosol Self-Service Commercial Citrus Juicer in Stainless Steel

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Free Delivery to Ireland

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Frucosol Self Service Commercial Juicer Machine is an official Frucosol Distributer.

The Frucosol self service orange juicer is ideal for those who wish to offer free juice to their customers. Alternatively it can be placed behind the bar for higher production and profits. It comes with an on/off possessing tap system and can produce over 1 litre of juice per minute.
This machine is attached to a stainless steel stand with wheels to store the fresh oranges and also to collect the waste. The stainless steel support can be adapted to different heights,  according to the size or height of the filling bottle or glass being used. The self serve automatic machine has a gravity feeding tub and attractive stainless steel round holder. Its stainless steel body is easy to clean and its glass window shows its wonderful functionality to the public.

Ideal for buffets, hotels, universities, gas stations, airports, supermarkets & markets.

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Key Features

  • Ideal for self service environments
  • Automatic feeding
  • Controlled pressure squeezing 
  • Manufactured in Stainless Steel
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Can produce a litre of fresh orange juice every minute
  • Gives you more autonomy and saves time
  • Adjusting glass height tray

About Frucosol

Frucosol is Spain’s number one manufacturer of catering equipment, and has been selling their products to over 80 countries throughout the world since 1991. The company has been selling their Automatic Juicers, Juice Extractors, Cutlery Polishers and many other products to Ireland & the UK since the early 1990’s. Frucosol’s professional products are of the very highest quality and have been benefiting small, medium and large restaurants, hotel chains and many other catering establishments throughout Europe for the past two decades. 


  • Production – 20-25 fruits per minute
  • Feeder Capacity – 12kg of fruits
  • Fruit Diameter – ups to 85mm
  • Energy Consumption – 460w
  • Voltage – 230v
  • Security – Automatic switching off censors
  • Weight – 95 kgs
  • Dimensions – 58L x 75D x 162H cm