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Omega NC1000HD Nutrition Centre Slow Juicer in Chrome

€409.00 Multi-Purpose Utility Knife Mini Chopping Board
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Introducing the latest evolution in the “NC” (Nutrition Centre) range from Omega’s single Augur horizontal range, the NC1000HDC come packed with features that the Nutrition Centre range is well known for and then some welcome upgrades to help make this new package appeal to those who have been juicing for years already as well as those who are looking for a juicer with a few ancillary functions aside from juicing that could help around the kitchen. This latest model features a new more powerful motor that has an uprated torque output, meaning that the NC1000HDC can now power through more of those tougher ingredients without the risk of getting jammed. This is in aid of giving you a continuous juicing cycle where the different ingredients that you are juicing can all be mixed evenly through the juice to gain the best taste, nutritional value and freshness possible.

Key Features

  • BPA Free Parts
  • GE Ultem™ Juicing parts
  • New motor with increased torque output
  • Quality yields achievable
  • Dual stage augur
  • Easy to clean parts

Being a horizontal single augur slow juicer, the Omega NC1000HDC does perform better with leafy greens like wheat grass, celery and kale, which typically contain far less liquid juice in them than regular fruits and vegetables, than a vertical style juicer. The NC1000HDC is able to still perform well with these tougher less “juicey” ingredients thanks to its further refined 2-Stage augur design, which first ensures that the leafy greens are gathered and then crushed together, before finally being pressed slowly and firmly against the screen to extract all the goodness from the juice, nutrients and enzymes inside. The slower 80rpm augur rotation speed is also in the rpm range where the NC1000HDC can apply enough pressure evenly throughout the drum guide and along the augur (to extend the life of the parts) and to ensure that there is enough momentum for the Augur to continue crushing when you add ingredients with denser forms like carrot and beetroot to the mix. Another key feature of the slow 80rpm augur speed is that the Omega NC1000HDC creates less foaming of the juice whilst going through the juicing process, foaming of the juice is generally bad as it is evidence of high levels of oxidisation taking place within the juice.

In regard to the parts and included accessories, the Omega NC1000HDC has a slightly refined Pressure Adjustable End cap. Which, as you may already know was included on the last version, however this time it has been designed with finer tolerances enabling slightly more pressure to be applied at the final stage of juicing before the pulp is ejected, meaning that there is more juice can be saved/gained from the pulp, creating less waste and giving you way more value for money from your produce.

The juicing screens are still made from tough GE Ultem plastic partnered with stainless-steel for the screen section so that there is little chance of breakages as long as juicing guidelines are followed throughout the process. And you are again given the choice of three screens, the juicing fine screen, the coarse screen – ideal for thicker or more fibrous juices and the homogenising blank – which comes in perfectly as an aid for making delicious nut butters, pastas and mixing doughs. The hopper and drum guide feature a standard size feeding chute that requires you to always prepare your produce for the best results, but also acts as a safety measure to prevent you from over-feeding the juicer with oversized produce that could damage your parts or motor. The hopper and drum guide are both also fully translucent meaning that you can always see the journey your produce is taking and can easily spot if something is causing a jam as this can happen on occasion with any juicer not matter the price. Thankfully there is also an included manual reverse function to help ease back any jams and get you juicing again.

 Technical Specifications 

  • 154mm W × 470mm D × 312mm H
  • 9kg Weight
  • New stronger Induction Motor with increased torque output
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Accessories included.

Please note that the NC1000 is the same as the NC1002. The 2 at the end of the NC1002 simply means it is 220v which is compatible the voltage in the EU.