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Omega MMC500 Commercial Centrifugal Juicer in Chrome

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Brand: Omega
Model: MMC502C
Colour: Chrome
Finish: Polished
Speed: 3600 RPM
Voltage: 220v
Warranty: 1 Year (Commercial)
Wattage: 540 W
Dimensions: 45.1 cm (H) x 40.9 cm (D) x 24.2 cm (W)
Weight: 13.0 KG

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The Omega MMC500 is a fast and efficient centrifugal juicer that has been designed for use in a variety of commercial scenarios from bars to restaurants or even health clubs. Additionally, it offers a well-built reliable motor and durable parts made from either stainless steel or BPA free plastics.

Key Features

  • Juicing speed of 3600 rotations per minute
  • Centrifugal juicing mechanism
  • Extra-large feed chute
  • 1-gallon pulp collection container
  • BPA free juicing components
  • Metallic chrome base and juice bowl
  • Durable industrial design
  • Powerful 540-watt motor

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Commercial Centrifugal Juicing

As a centrifugal juicer, the MMC500 works at a high pace of up to 3600 rotations per minute while extracting juice. As a result, it can produce a variety of juices very quickly, making it an ideal solution for service scenarios that demand fast turnarounds on orders to keep customers satisfied.

By nature, centrifugal models like the MMC500 work best with fruits, but this model is also very capable when it comes to juicing a vast majority of vegetables and it can even extract reasonable yields from leafy greens.

Extra-Large Feed Chute

To fit in with its focus on fast and easy commercial juicing, Omega has equipped the MMC500 with an extra-large feed chute. This allows for many ingredients to be fed into the juicer whole, saving time on both preparation and the juicing process itself.

The feed chute has also been paired with a 1-gallon pulp collection container, allowing for the fast juicing pace to be maintained over a decent period of time before the container needs to be emptied.

High-Quality Materials

Since its primary role is for commercial applications, the MMC500 is built to handle a tough environment. Its motor is made from high-grade parts to ensure long-lasting durability and even many of the juicing parts have been made partly or entirely from metal.

As for the few non-metal parts, these are all made of high-quality BPA free plastics. Therefore, they are food-safe and won’t leach chemicals when heated.