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Omega C10 Citrus Juicer in White

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Free Delivery to Ireland


Brand: Omega
Model: C10W
Colour: White
Finish: Glossy
Speed: 150 RPM
Voltage: 220v
Warranty: 2 Years
Wattage: 120 W
Dimensions: 33.7 cm (H) x 21.0 cm (D) x 21.0 cm (W)
Weight: 3.4 KG

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The C10W Citrus Juicer continues to build Omega’s reputation as one of the best juicer brands in the world. A compact and affordable machine, this is a great choice for those wishing to make the most out of juicing their favourite citrus fruits.


Key Features

  • 3 juicing cone sizes
  • 150RPM
  • Surgical stainless-steel bowl and pulp strainer
  • One speed
  • Splash guard
  • Non-slip feet

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A Dedicated Citrus Juicer

While traditional juicers are capable of juicing citrus, these soft ingredients tend to require more effort, particularly as they often need to be peeled before fed into the juicer.

A dedicated citrus juicer like the Omega C10W solves this issue as there is no need to peel the fruit, and they are purpose-built to maximise juice extraction with the least amount of effort required.

Juicing Performance

The C10W boasts a 120W motor capable of 150 rotations per minute. This is a much lower speed than centrifugal juicers tend to operate at, which means that less heat and oxidants are generated, and you are getting more nutrients from your juice.

Three sizes of juicing cones are included which can be swapped and changed depending on the fruit at hand. This ensures you are well equipped to handle lemons, oranges and grapefruit, all with one machine.

Design and Build

In addition to its high quality, surgical stainless-steel bowl and strainer, the C10W also has a splash guard which keeps mess to a minimum, as well as non-slip feet. The juicer is therefore designed to be durable, as well as convenient.

Moreover, its modern design and small footprint ensure it will be a fashionable addition to any kitchen workspace.


Please be aware, that the C10 is sold in Europe under a different model name. The C12 European model is identical to the C10, but it is built to be compatible with a 220 volt power supply. Other than this, no changes have been made to the motor or parts.

Additionally, the latest version of the C10 produced by Omega is not pressure activated. All details mentioned in the product manual relating to this feature are now outdated. To receive a digital version of the updated product manual, please contact our support team.