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Koju Manual Juicer in White

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The Koju manual juicer is a must-have appliance for your kitchen, especially if you love fresh fruit juice. Now you can produce pure cold-pressed juice that is packed full of nutrients and goodness. It's ideal for oranges, strawberries, blueberries and even wheatgrass.

Thanks to the separate pulp nozzles, you can extract maximum juice with none of the pulp, which is perfect for those of you who don’t like bits in your juice. To keep your Koju manual juicer stable and not sliding about, it comes with a suction base clamp and screw clamp to make your job so much easier. Simply attach it to you kitchen surface and start juicing. 

The long handle of the Koju manual juicer means that juicing is really easy. You hardly have to put in any effort when turning the handle. The juice is extracted via the single auger which masticates the fruit in order to get optimum juice. When you extract the juice, all of the goodness trickles out into the juice collector. 

The Koju manual juicer is perfect for taking anywhere and what's more is that you don't even need a mains electricity supply because it is hand turned. This makes it the ideal juicer for camping and for festivals. Furthermore, the Koju manual juicer is really easy to clean.

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  • Hand turned juicer
  • No electricity needed
  • Perfect for fruit vegetables and wheatgrass
  • Separate pulp from the juice
  • Suction base clamp and screw clamp
  • Long handle makes juicing easy
  • Includes juice collector
  • Single auger mechanism
  • Easy to clean