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FW 2000 Fluoride Removal Cartridge Set


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The FW2000 Fluoride removal cartridge set removes; Fluoride, Bacteria, Parasites, Cysts, Chemicals and Lead removal with a combination of FreshWater's Pearl and Malachite cartridges.

What does the Pearl filter do?

FreshWater's advanced 7-stage Pearl ceramic cartridge removes 99.99% of all particles larger than one micron including dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria and parasites. In addition, Pearl improves taste and odour, removes chlorine and dissolved heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

What does Malachite filter do?

FreshWater’s Malachite cartridge contains the very latest granular activated alumina, specifically designed for the removal of fluoride from the water as it passes though the cartridge.