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Chanson Miracle MAX Plus Countertop Water Ionizer in White

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Chanson Miracle Max Plus Water Ioniser in White

The Chanson Miracle Max Plus water ioniser is a simple to use, state of the art 7-plate water ioniser that provides your family with high quality, safe drinking water. These plates are made from titanium and are platinum coated for added efficiency and longevity.

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Developed from the Chanson Miracle Max, this upgraded model has been designed to deliver superior quality alkaline water with the benefits of high-level antioxidants, the promotion of self-healing as well as increased hydration. The result is that you feel more energised throughout your day.

The ioniser of the Chanson Miracle Max Plus water ioniser has been equipped with a Himalayan rock salt injection system allowing it to produce strongly acidic and alkaline water no matter what type of water you have. This is a huge benefit for those who have a softening water system. The Himalayan rock salt injection system will work regardless of the minerals within your water.

As mentioned already, as well as quality alkaline water, the Chanson Miracle Max Plus water ioniser offers acidic water too. Acidic water has many benefits, such as a natural antibacterial spray that has no environment and minimal cost implications.

One of the great advantages of this particular water ioniser is the size of the plates. The total ionisation surface is 246.5in (626cm) which gives a much better
water flow when compared to other models, even some 9 plate ionisers. Furthermore, the titanium electrode plates are 99.998% pure titanium. Although this ioniser has a large total ionisation surface it remains compact and suitable for countertops in a domestic situation.

When compared to other available water ionisers, the Chanson Miracle Max Plus delivers some of the highest and lowest pH levels regardless of the water source. What's more is the Radial Action De-Calcification (RAD) self-cleaning system will clean and maintain ionisers that use water containing 1300ppm total dissolved solids. This means that effectiveness of its operation is upheld, which is a breakthrough when considering many ionisers have a reduced operation of up to 30%.

The Chanson Miracle Max Plus water ioniser has a lower power consumption compared to other available models. This means that the internal parts have an increased longevity. High wattage reducing the life of the plates, so instead of the usual 500w that other models use, the Chanson Miracle Max Plus only uses 150w.

The on board flow control allows for maximum control enabling you to increase or decrease the water pressure depending on how fast you want the water to travel through the ioniser. Decreasing flow rate increases the acidity or alkalinity of your water.

The Chanson Miracle Max Plus allows you to make slight adjustments, allowing you to increase pH levels by 0.1. These adjustments are automatically saved which saves you time whenever you come to use your ioniser in the future. As this is a countertop ioniser, the installation is very easy. Just remove the existing aerator and connect the tap diverter, it’s that simple. 


  • Size: 24.7cm x 15.0cm x 30.5cm 
  • 4.5kg
  • 2.7 - 11.3 pH range
  • ORP Range: +900 to -820
  • 5-40°C operating temperature 
  • 150w
  • Increased longevity of internal parts
  • 7 titanium plates coated with platinum 
  • Upgraded from the Chanson Miracle Max
  • Delivers superior quality alkaline water 
  • High-level antioxidants
  • Self-healing promotion 
  • Increased hydration
  • You feel more energised
  • Himalayan rock salt injection system
  • Delivers high-quality acidic water
  • Total ionisation surface of 246.5in (626cm)
  • Compact and suitable for countertop in a domestic situation
  • Radial Action De-Calcification (RAD) self-cleaning system
  • Can be used with water containing 1300ppm of total dissolved solids
  • On Board Flow Control
  • Advanced CP 
  • Auto Memory Save
  • Easy Installation
  • Filter Type: PJ6000
  • Filter Life - 9000 litres depending on your incoming water quality or 1 year whichever comes sooner. 
  • 2 Years Domestic Warranty 

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