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Carrera №657 5.0-Litre Stand Mixer in Grey

Carrera №657 Meat Grinder Attachment
Carrera №657 Slicer & Grater Attachment
Carrera №657 Pasta Roller Attachment
Carrera №657 Fettucine Roller Attachment
Carrera №657 Spaghetti Roller Attachment
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Brand: Carrera
Model: №657
Colour: Grey
Finish: Matte
Voltage: 220v
Warranty: 2 Years
Wattage: 800 W
Dimensions: 43.8 cm (H) x 26.8 cm (D) x 45.4 cm (W)
Weight: 9.9 KG

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The Carrera №657 stand mixer is a highly capable device that offers more than enough power to complete a wide array of common mixing tasks. Through an intuitive interface, advanced safety features and a range of configurable settings and accessories it provides an overall experience that is almost unrivalled.

Key Features

  • High-speed planetary mixing action
  • 8-speed variable control dial
  • 5.0-litre work bowl capacity
  • Digital dial with LED display
  • Tilt-head mechanism
  • Safe 2 handed unlock process
  • BPA free and stainless steel accessories
  • Durable and practical design
  • Overheat protection and auto-stop sensor
  • Easy to clean parts and accessories
  • Powerful 800-watt motor

Mixer Overview

Powerful Mixing Performance

As a stand mixer, the Carrera №657 offers incredible performance backed by a very powerful 800-watt motor. Thanks to this high-spec setup it can make short work of any mixing task thrown its way and is even capable of working with 1.5 kg loads of thick bread and pasta doughs.

Further bolstering its ability, the №657 also uses a planetary mixing motion, allowing it to cover the entire surface of the mixing bowl, keeping waste to a minimum while also ensuring that results are evenly combined throughout with minimum effort.

Lastly, the mixing process can also be customised to suit different scenarios through 8 available speed settings. These can be controlled through the intuitive display dial and allow for processes to be finely adjusted to provide the best results.

Versatile Accessories

In order to meet the demands of many types of users, the №657 is equipped with a solid set of accessories, including a:

  • Wire whisk
  • Dough hook
  • Flat beater
  • 5.0-litre steel bowl

Through these accessories, Carrera has ensured that the №657 can produce a wide range of mixtures from more typical bread or pizza doughs to more demanding meringues, batters and sauces. Therefore, it’s a great companion for almost any keen baker.

Additionally, for those looking to expand the №657’s versatility even further, Carrera also produces a range of additional attachments that can be purchased alongside it. These include pasta rollers, a meat grinder and a slicer/grater, to facilitate even greater cooking creativity.

High-Quality Materials

In terms of build quality, the Carrera №657 is an excellent example of a machine that has been designed to last. Made primarily from metal in the form of stainless steel and aluminium it offers incredible durability and proves to be incredibly solid throughout.

That fantastic standard also carries through to the accessories provided, many of which are also made of stainless steel. However, even those that aren’t metal are at least made of high-quality BPA-free plastics, ensuring that they won’t leech chemicals when in use.

Futuristic Practical Design

In combination with its exquisite build quality, the №657 has been designed with both style and practicality in mind. At a base level, it has a rather futuristic aesthetic that is further enhanced by the digital LED display dial and accompanying yellow icons.

However, on a more detailed examination, it also has many features that are much more user-related. For example, the tilt-head mechanism it employs allows for the top of the unit to tip backwards and away from the mixing bowl, making it much easier to see how a mixture is progressing.

Additionally, the base is made entirely of aluminium, ensuring that the whole unit is stable and sits firmly wherever it is placed.