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Carrera №554 Hand Blender in Grey

Carrera №554 800ml Beaker
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Brand: Carrera
Model: №554
Colour: Grey
Finish: Matte
Voltage: 220v
Warranty: 2 Years
Wattage: 800 W
Weight: 1.4 KG

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The Carrera №554 hand blender has been designed from the ground up to offer incredible power in a compact package. Equipped with a whopping 800-watt motor, it can make short work of pretty much any blending task thrown its way and its stainless steel build allows it to do so without risk.

Key Features

  • High-speed blending performance
  • 5 operating speed levels
  • Turbo boost control button
  • 4-point stainless steel blade
  • Digital dial with LCD display
  • Soft start-up speed control
  • Stainless steel blending components
  • Removable blending stick base
  • Modern and sturdy design
  • Powerful 800-watt motor

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High-Performance Blending

To produce exceptional results, the Carrera №554 has been granted an extreme amount of power via an 800-watt motor. As a result, it can crush, pulverise and blitz all manner of ingredients, from standard fruits and vegetables through to ice cubes or nuts.

It also has 5 different speed modes, which allows for fine-tuned control over the texture and consistency of results. Thus ensuring that any food from soups to dips or even meringues are produced to exactly the desired standard.

Optimised Experience

Alongside its incredible power, the №554 makes use of a few nifty features to provide a superior user experience. Among these, the soft start-up feature is particularly useful, and genuinely has a huge impact on the amount of splash and mess generated when starting the blender up, especially when working with smaller quantities.

On top of that, the LCD display interface is also notable and it provides a clear and bright readout on the current speed mode in use and even the total runtime of a current blend. Its position at the tip of the handle also makes it easy to see and read even while blending.

Tactile Controls

Further adding to the experience it offers, the Carrera №554 is equipped with an intuitive selection of controls. In keeping with typical hand blender design, it features a pair of buttons on the side of the body that can be easily reached and pressed while gripping the handle firmly.

These buttons are responsible for activating the blender and will act as triggers to power the motor when held down. The top button activates the blender at its normal expected speed and the lower button serves as a turbo mode for quick access to the blenders full power output.

Finally, to switch between the 5 available speed levels, the LCD display dial can be twisted in either direction to either increase or decrease the speed from the current selected level.

High-Quality Materials

From the motor to the blending stick and even the blades, the №554 makes use of stainless steel at every point it can. Not only does this provide a superior feel to the product, but it also ensures that it can handle the rigours of blending in a range of scenarios without failing at any point.

Ergonomic Design

To ensure that the №554 is comfortable to use, Carrera has designed it to be easy to grip and hold, with curves that fit neatly in hands of different shapes and sizes. The body has also been finished in a smooth matte style, ensuring it isn’t slippery when wet.

Additionally, the blender as a whole is weighty enough to feel sturdy and well-built but isn’t so heavy that it’s uncomfortable to use for extended periods.