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BWT 120 Litre Longlife Mg 2+ Cartirdge Pack of 6

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Replacement Filter for the BWT 2.5L pitcher

Product Description

This is a brand new concept in water filteration where not only does this filter, filter out all of the bad chemicals within the water but add a valuable "top up" to the water of magensium meaning that you are able to create a bottled water taste in your home for a fraction of the cost of acutally buying the bottled water.

Become a Water Gourmet with this beautifully designed mineral water jug and filter which absorbs limescale and heavy metal substances from tap water. BWT also improve the flavour of tap water by retaining and adding to the mineral Magnesium which provides AROMA, CLARITY and FLAVOUR for Tea and Coffee, as well as providing a delicious, natural, balanced and fresh drinking water. Magnesium has the additional advantage of being good for your for bone and cell development, helping concentration and physical and mental performance. Studies show the majority of adults in the UK are achieving less than the recommended daily amount (RDA). 

Protect your Kettle and coffee machine, Save money and the environment through reduced spending on bottled mineral water and discover the great taste of water, coffee and scum-free tea. The BWT longlife cartridges each last for 120 Litres or 28 days. BRITA MAXTRA (TM) COMPATIBLE. 

BWT (Best Water Technology) are Europe’s Number 1 in Water technology with world leading experience in all aspects of water treatment.

Box Contains

6 x Longlife Mg2+ cartridges ( 6 months use)