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5 Ways to Help You Drink More Water

Trying to make yourself drink more water, especially if you're not that keen can be tricky. Your body needs water, and lots of it in order to help concentration levels, going to sleep, reducing premature ageing, helping with digestion and flushing unwanted bacteria out of the bladder and kidneys. Hopefully, this blog will give you at least one good idea to help you on your way to drinking 2-3 litres a day.

Get Adventurous

There are several ways you can make water a bit more exciting, none of which include the concentrated supermarket fruit juices. If you are lucky enough to own a juicer, try juicing your favourite fruits together to create your own version of a cordial. If you love tropical flavours try juicing 1 orange and half a mango and add it to your water.

If you don’t own a juicer, (but you really should consider one) try crushing the fruit in the bottom of your glass. This technique will only work with berries, but the flavour will disperse a lot quicker than not crushing them. Crush a handful of blueberries and raspberries together and add to the bottom of the glass, add ice and pour over sparkling water. This one is great for the summer time. If you don’t want anything to flavoursome and are just looking for a hint of sweetness, try adding watermelon chunks and mint leaves to sparkling or still water.

Ice Ice Baby

This is perfect for people who just want to grab a couple of ice cubes to chuck in their water and go. For this tip, you will need a juicer or blender to crush and squeeze all the goodness into an ice cube tray. Freeze overnight and voila you have quick delicious water. If you don’t own a blender or juicer, you can always freeze chunks of fruit, but this will only give a subtle hint to your water.

Herbal Fruit Teas

Most people have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, thinking this will rejuvenate them when actually they do quite the opposite. As most tea and coffee contain caffeine, it can actually be a diuretic, which in simple terms, it will make you want to go to the toilet a lot.

Making your own herbal teas really is as simple as brewing your favourite fruit and herbs. This tip is great for the winter months and if you don’t fancy doing it at home, you can always find a large selection of herbal teas at the supermarket. But, make sure you check the ingredients and look out for added caffeine.

These nifty tricks will mean you are consuming less sugar than if you were to have a glass full of sugary concentrated fruit squash or a glass of fizz.

Now that we have discussed how to make your water more interesting, we should really discuss how to make you remember to drink enough water.


This tip is the hardest out of them all, as you have to do an action 60 times before it becomes a habit. A great way to start a routine is by linking water with your daily activities. A good one to start with is every time you go to the bathroom, you should drink a glass of water. This will eventually condition your brain to remember to hydrate yourself.

Purchase a Water Bottle

The main issue for people not drinking enough water is because they don’t have one on them. If you're on the go all day it can be impossible to drink 2-3 litres. Get yourself a reusable water bottle that you can chuck in your bag and go. Be sure to get a large water bottle that holds at least a litre if you're travelling, and if you're in the car get the water bottle out and put it in one of the cup holders. It sounds obvious but this simple tip will gently remind you to drink your water.