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Blendtec EZ-600 Commercial Blender in Black

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Free Delivery to Ireland


Brand: Blendtec
Colour: Black
Weight: 6.0 KG

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The Blendtec EZ 600 Commercial Blender is an excellent device for use in a service setting and is capable of 60+ blend cycles a day. Therefore, it can handle heavy use in a bar or café scenario. Blendtec specialises in producing commercial blenders, and this device is as good as any they have produced. Running at 1600 watts, it packs plenty of power that can be used for most drink scenarios.

Key Features

Capable of performing 60+ blend cycles a day
1600 watts of power in its high-speed motor
A range of pre-programmed cycles for different blend sizes
Blend cycles that can be edited and changed to your personal requirements.
Suitable blending capabilities for coffee, smoothies or milkshakes



The Benefits for You

This high-power blender can offer a lot to any drinks service company looking for a reliable yet affordable blender. The EZ 600 has blending cycles for any type of drink and allows the cycles to be customised to the user’s needs. Therefore, any company that is either producing unusual or a wide range of drinks could rely on this blender to get them through each day. It will provide up to 60 blend cycles a day, which is less than some other Blendtec blenders but is impressive for its price range. This makes the EZ 600 more suitable for a medium size businesses. However, it can function in a larger outlet when combined with extra machines and containers, which can be more cost effective.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: EZ-600 
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 203x177x381 
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Commercial)
  • Weight (Kg): 3.2 
  • Power (Watts): 1600