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Blueair Classic 400 Series Replacement SmokeStop Filter

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Brand: Blueair
Filter Life: 6 Months
Weight: 0.5 KG

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    SmokeStop filter for Blue Air Classic 400 Series model

    I bought this 'SmokeStop' style filter after the initial Blueair Model 405 air filtration device and the originally included default 'particle' filter cartridge fitted from the factory had been used for the recommended service life of six months and was due for a replacement. I found the new SmokeStop type filter to be greatly beneficial in helping with any smoke from: cooking, the gas fire, candles, and second-hand tobacco smoke from people in the vicinity of the residential apartment space in which I was attempting to purify the air. It helped alleviate my partner's asthma immensely. At first the Smokestop filter gave off a 'chemical' smell -probably from the charcoal content- but this rapidly dispersed leaving lovely fresh air. Overall very satisfactory and pleasant as a product, and I would highly recommend its purchase to others with similar needs and requirements.

    Posted by Anonymous on 23rd Apr 2021


This replacement SmokeStop filter is designed for use in all Blueair Classic 400 series models. This includes the: 403, 405 & 480i. It has a filter life of 6 months or 4380 hours of use.