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Sage® the Super Q™ Blender

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Modelled and manufactured to a beautifully high standard, Sage have launched their new Sage Super Q™. Boasting the most powerful motor Sage have ever used, the Super Q™ is able to power through any ingredient thrown at it all whilst operating at a much quieter volume despite not having independent sound shielding or guarding. Amongst the standard blending functions that most have come to expect, the Sage Super Q™ has exceeded in its functionality. For people that are keen on making a healthy and energising morning smoothie for the commute to work, the Sage Super Q™ comes with a personal blending attachment and container (700ml) to enable you to toake your drink on the go. One of the biggest plus points and finer features of this blender is the level to which you can tailor the texture of your blends. To make them as smooth as possible Sage have also designed the Super Q™ to be compatible with the new Vac Q™ vacuum pump by Sage allowing you to extract every ounce of oxygen from the container before use, to keep your blends fresh for longer and nutrient rich. 


Key Features

  • 3.2HP Motor
  • 300km/h Blade Rotation Speed
  • 5 Pre-set Blend Settings
  • BPA Free Containers
  • Hot Soup Creator
  • Reduced Noise Output
  • Included Personal Blending Attachment and 700ml Container

Refined Yet Powerful

Sage have taken the time to invest their most powerful motor in the creation of the Super Q™, capable of spinning at 300km/h which is backed up by a robust 2400-Watt motor, this blender is even capable of milling fine flours should you wish. However, the key feature of the motor construction and its assembly in the Super Q™ is that Sage have managed to combine the cooling method and the noise reduction technology into one compact area. This translates to a much smaller worktop footprint of the blender, which is not often something you can achieve without using a dedicated sound shield, sound guard, or less powerful motor. However please remember that this is in reference to the noise created by the motor during operation and not the ingredients in the blending container.

Blend Your Way

One of the other steps Sage have taken to make your life easier is that they give the customer more choice when it comes to the technique they use during a blend. Where some blenders allow the user to use either their pre-set buttons or their fully manual speed settings, the Sage Super Q™ allows the user to combine both or simply use one of the pre-programmed one-touch settings. And all at a much more affordable price point.

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What’s Included

When you unbox the Sage Super Q™, aside from the blender base you will find a 2.0L BPA free blending container along with the smaller 700ml Personal Blending container that features self- detect technology allowing the blender to adjust the power settings for a smaller container. There is also a tamper for the 2.0L container and edged silicone spatula to help catch all those last little drops of the delicious blend you have just created.

The Vac Q™ Vacuum Pump (Optional Extra)

The feature that completely sets this blender apart from the majority of the domestic blenders on the market today is that it has been designed to work in sync with Sage’ very own vacuum pump, the Vac Q™. This powerful little device attaches to the top of the 2L blending container and will extract every ounce of air within the container and your ingredients before you blend. The advantage of this is that without oxygen being mixed into your food, your blends will taste and feel much more silky smooth. Another plus point is that whatever you create, can be stored for much longer, as there is no oxidation of the nutrients kept within the food. This extraction of oxygen does two things for you blend, the first being it can also provide a richer and fuller flavour in soups and smoothies alike, and secondly, the colour of the blend will appear more vibrant due to the natural colours remaining in the blend. 

Technical Specifications

  • Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm): 210 x 270 x 460
  • Weight (kg): 7.39
  • Power (watts): 2400
  • Rotation Speed: 3000km/h
  • Warranty: 10 Year Repair, Replace or Refund Guarantee (at the sole discretion of Sage Appliances)