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Kuhn Rikon Chopping Board Set

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Kuhn Rikon Chopping Board Set

This Chopping Board Set by Kuhn Rikon is an excellent way to bring smart chopping boards into your kitchen. They are flexible, allowing them to bend up the sides to easily transfer food into a pan.

Key Features

  • 2 Boards (1 black, 1 white)
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Flexible build with bend-up sides

The Benefits for You

This board set is the perfect way to make your kitchen workflow more efficient. Its flexibility allows easy transferal of food from the board to a pan or storage container, without the worry of dropping any. It also has an anti-bacterial coating, making food preparation even safer.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 380x255x5
  • Weight (kg): 0.25
  • Materials: Plastic