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KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus 5KSB8270BMS Blender in Medallion Silver

KitchenAid 1.75-Litre Blending Jug
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Brand: KitchenAid
Colour: Silver
Weight: 9.4 KG

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KitchenAid’s Artisan Power Plus Blender can officially be rated as one of the most powerful domestic blenders you can purchase for your kitchen today. Alongside its more than capable 3.5 peak hp motor, this machine features everything that you could want from a blender. KitchenAid have again followed their classic “clean and concise” design template which has led to a very smart and non-intrusive blender that fits in most kitchen worktops. Along side these traditional design considerations, KitchenAid have also chosen to gift this blender range with die-cast metal body, adding to the overall strength and stability of the blender in general.

Key Features

  • Precision Power Control Dial
  • Adapti-blend functions - juice, smoothie, soups and self-cleaning
  • 3.5 peak HP
  • BPA Free Blending Container
  • Hot Soups maker
  • Wet and Dry capable blade
  • Dishwasher safe

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Smoother, Faster and Smarter

Even though they are packed with power, it does not mean that the KitchenAid Artisan Power blenders are un-refined in anyway. The Artisan Power Blender essentially allows the user to completely tailor their blend with the option to input both high speed and low speed pulses at any point as well as constant access to the whole power band (1-11). The flexibility offered with this blender, is the reason why we would recommend this blender to both blending novices as well as very experienced chefs and creators who want complete control over every aspect of their blends. The power of the motor coupled with its asymmetrically designed stainless steel blade, creates a strong vortex through the center of the blending container ensuring your blends have a smooth or textured consistency all the way through and that there are no bits of ingredient left around the top edges or the corners of the jar as is the case with other blenders on the market today.

What’s Included

KitchenAid have included quite a few extras that are not normally expected with blenders;

 - a Flex Edge tamper to enable you to push down ingredients in fuller or thicker blends

-   an ergonomic soft grip handle on the BPA free blending jug to ease the strain on your palm when the jar is at or near full capacity

-   a removable silicone jar pad that can be placed on the motor base to aid stability and reduce vibrations when using the blender

-   a blending jar cap that can be used as a handy and accurate measurer for adding small amounts of ingredients whilst blending

-   a power isolation switch at the rear of the blender with a vented base to ensure the motor does not overheat or cause damage to itself during longer blending cycles.

The Additional Features to the Artisan Power Blender

The Artisan Power Plus Blender may seem similar to the Power blender. However the additional pre-set Adapti-blend functions are definitely worth the increase in price. The pre-programmed functions enable to make juices, smoothies, soups and a self-cleaning mode. These settings give the ideal speed of the blade to achieve the perfect result.

  • The Adapti-Blend auto hot soup maker function, where all you need to do is ensure the ingredients are added and layered correctly before simply turning on the blender. You will then be able to walk away and come back to a steaming hot soup that is ready to be consumed, with no extra heating or cooking or utensils to wash up afterwards.
  • The Adapti-Blend smoothie function, makes the process of blending a smoothie as enjoyable as drinking it. As there is a little more to think about when blending a smoothie, due to the ingredients sometimes having more varied and denser textures. However with the coupling of the 3.5 peak Hp motor and the uniquely designed asymmetrical steel blade, the Artisan Power Plus powers through and leaves you with a very smooth and consistently tasty smoothie.
  • The crushed ice function is capable of crushing ice in seconds for smoothies, cooler packs, homemade snow cones, alcoholic drinks and much more. The key thing here is that the KitchenAid Power Plus Blender is very good at not allowing heat to transfer through the blade or jug meaning that your ice stays as ice rather than melt into slush whilst you blend/crush. This is especially useful when using the ice for iced smoothies and cocktails.

Technical Specifications –

Colour: Candy Apple Red, Medallion Silver, Cast Iron Black

Model: 5KSB8270BMS

Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm): 231mm x 267mm x 449mm

Capacity (L): 2.6L

Weight (kg): 9.4

Power (watts): 1800w

Rotation Speed: 1000rpm Min / 24000rpm Max

Warranty: 10 Year Guarantee with KitchenAid