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Bamix SwissLine Hand Blender in Black

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Brand: Bamix
Colour: Black
Weight: 2.5 KG

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The Bamix SwissLine Hand Blender M200 is a must have accessory for any kitchen. This compact stick blender has been designed with ergonomics in mind and will comfortably fit into your hand. It is based around a powerful two-speed motor, yet remains quiet when operated. Bamix has perfectly combined ergonomics, power, and style in the excellent hand blender.

No other domestic Bamix hand blender quite compares. It features a 200-watt commercial grade induction motor which rotates the blades at an impressive 12,000 - 18,000rpm. It also includes a rubber membrane to stop liquid ingress and a coiled safety cable to keep your work area safe and tidy.

This powerful stick blender has two speeds and comes with multi-functional whisk and beater blades, a one-litre jug and a sleek and stylish Swiss designed stand. Furthermore, this compact and power hand blender can deal with both small and large batches and soft and tough ingredients, thanks to the high and low settings.

The Bamix SwissLine hand blender also comes with many valuable accessories, to increase its versatility in the kitchen. With blades such as the mincer blade, it can puree, make smoothies, blend and liquidise, whereas the beater blade is ideal for beating, whipping, homogenising, creaming, aerating and foaming. The addition of the whisk blade means that now you can create wonderful recipes such as mayonnaise with ease.

You will also receive a wet and dry grinder, which enable you to grind herbs, onions, nuts, and garlic for making pesto, curry powders, and herb mixes. All parts of the Bamix SwissLine hand blender are corrosion resistant, which means it has excellent longevity and won’t leave taste or smell residues in your recopies.

Why Choose Bamix Vs Other Hand Blenders

Accessories included

  • Multi-Purpose Blade
  • Whisk Blade
  • Beater Blade
  • Blender Stand
  • Dry Grinder Mill
  • 1 Litre Jug

Multi Purpose BladeBeater BladeWhisk Blade

Key Features

  • 5 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Parts
  • Designed with ergonomics in mind
  • Powerful two-speed motor
  • 200-watt commercial grade induction motor
  • 12,000 - 18,000rpm
  • Multi-functional whisk and beater blades
  • Dry grinder attachment
  • One-litre jug
  • Corrosion resistant 

Bamix® – multi purpose blade Video Demonstration