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Zumex Versatile Pro Podium Commercial Citrus Juicer

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Zumex Versatile Pro Podium Commercial Citrus Juicer

Designed to make high-quality juices in an efficient manner, the Versatile Pro podium has been designed especially for hotels, neighbourhood shops, self-service areas or supermarkets.

When squeezing 22 oranges per minute without losing quality, you can have peace of mind that your Versatile Pro Podium won’t let your establishment down.

Key Features

  • Juices up to 22 fruits per minute
  • Can handle fruits up to 81 mm in diameter
  • Easy to use
  • Light podium with an elegant design
  • Podium includes 52 L waste trolley
  • 23 Language setting
  • Intuitive Touch Control digital display
  • 2 Operating modes: Self Service and Professional mode
  • Self Service anti-drip tap
  • Includes ASP anti-bacterial system
  • For high consumption


A very quick production is a foundation for any successful establishment, with the Versatile Pro Podium feeder you can load 10kg of citrus fruit which will allow the juicer to work independently.

The Versatile Pro Podium is great if you don’t want another kitchen appliance taking up space on a countertop, you will have the freedom to put this juicer anywhere you like thanks to the super light podium and wheels. Another great feature of Versatile Pro Podium is the Transparent juicing chamber, which if placed in front of house, your customers will be able to see their juice being made, which is a great selling technique.

Operating Modes

Thanks to its convenient digital display, you can set the mode of use that best adapts to your establishment. The display will allow you to control the number of pieces of fruit you squeeze, the language, a security pin, error messages and the total amount of oranges consumed throughout the life of the juicer.

Zumex offers 2 different modes with the Versatile Pro Podium, with the self-service mode you can let customers go up to the juicer and press their glass against the tap, which can minimize wait time and give them the freedom to grab a glass of fresh orange juice whenever they like. The self-service mode also comes with a non-drip tap, which will save the bottom of anyone's glass from getting sticky.

The professional mode will enable you to juice continuously without having to manually add several oranges at a time, the juicer will start to extract the juice automatically when the citrus fruit is inserted into the feeder and you are able to select the number of fruits you wish to squeeze.

Hygiene and Safety

A commercial juicer needs to be easy to clean and the Versatile Pro Podium offers easily removable dishwasher-safe parts and an ASP system created by Zumex. The ASP eliminates and inhibits the growth of any bacteria, up to 99.9% by using silver ions that inhibit bacterial growth between washes, providing extra-effective protection and durability.

Safety is an important feature in any commercial appliance, especially you are offering a self-service option. Zumex has included a Double magnetic safety detector and electronic motor protection which will stop users from accidentally opening the machine in the unlikely event of a fault.

Our Verdict

The Zumex Versatile Pro Podium is a practical, commercial citrus juicer. It’s capable of juicing 22 fruits per minute with a maximum fruit diameter of 81mm, this speed will keep production time low. With the added bonus of being able to load 10kg of citrus fruits into the inbuilt feeder, the machine will be able to work independently and constantly if necessary. This juicer really is simple to use without decreasing service quality.

Tech Specifications

  • Model: Versatile Pro Podium
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 58 x 47.5 x 165
  • Feeder Capacity: 10kg
  • Fruits per Minute: 22
  • Power (Watts): 320 to 380
  • Weight (kg): 87
  • Warranty: 2 Years RTB (UK Service Centre)

* Please note there is a lead time of 7-10 days on this product.