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The Fresh & Furious by Sage

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Brand: Sage Juicers
Colour: Silver

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The Fresh & Furious

Create delicious homemade snacks in an instance with the Sage Fresh and Furious, from green smoothies to peanut butter, this blender will be able to handle anything you throw in it. Boasting a 1300 watt motor, the Fresh & Furious has a reliable and solid blending performance with 5 speeds, pulse, timer and pre-programmed cycles for green smoothies, ice crushing and fruit smoothies. It also comes with a 1.5 litre BPA free Tritan jug, so you won’t need to worry about overloading your blender. 

Key Features

  • 1300 watt powerful high torque motor
  • Kinetix surgical steel blade design for super smooth results
  • Quiet and Efficient
  • LED Display and Timer
  • Settings: Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree, Liquify, Green Smoothie, Auto Pulse/Ice Crush, Smoothie, Auto Clean
  • 1.5l capacity

Blending Performance

The Fast & Furious brings a blender and food processor into one appliance for versatility and convenience. For example, you can crush ice, chop vegetables and herbs, fold and aerate smoothies and soups. The design of the blades and jug are purposely shaped to aid blending, as the wide blades move food to the centre of the jug and the smaller set of blades chop the ingredients up. The blades are made from surgical grade stainless steel which ensures the blades stay sharper for longer and your mixture will always be thoroughly blended. 

The high torque 1300 watt motor delivers a quiet and powerful blending performance which can blitz effortlessly through a wide variety of ingredients. It's easy to clean and use, and the intuitive one-touch controls give automated programs, so there's no need to keep an eye on your blend.

Preset Programmes 

The Fast and Furious has a total of 9 settings including, mix, chop, blend, puree, liquify, green smoothie, auto pulse/ice crush, smoothie and timer. It even has a handy auto clean function, so there's no need to waste time cleaning up.

LCD Display

This handy display will show you how long your blends have left so you know exactly how long you have until you can enjoy your delicious blend. There are also illuminated buttons so you can easily see what's what. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Model: SBL620SIL
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 178x216x432
  • Jug Capacity: 1.5L
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Weight (Kg): 4
  • Power (Watts): 1300
  • Accessories: Included Accessories: Sage assist lid with inner measuring lid