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Water Can Undermine Your Health by Dr. Norman Walker


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Water Can Undermine Your Health by Dr. Norman Walker

Your body needs from two to four quarts of water each day to maintain good health. Make sure you are getting the cleanest, purest water available.

This book will show you how to protect yourself and your family from the deadly bacteria, viruses, chemicals, parasites and even CRYPTOSPORIDIUM that are present in over 43% of all public water supplies.

Those "MOST AT RISK" from drinking unsafe, substandard water are those with weakened immune systems; including infants, elderly, patients on chemotherapy and HIV. Why take unnecessary changes?

"In my experience of over half a century of research and observation—like many others—I have become convinced that the root or cause of nearly every ailment which afflicts the human body may be traced to the retention of waste matter in the system, and to malnutrition. We can eat many meals a day, and still be starved for lack of essential LIVE vital elements in our food.

"Malnutrition results from feeding the body food which has been heated or processed to such a degree that the life of the atoms and molecules composing such food is extinct. Dead atoms and dead molecules cannot rejuvenate nor regenerate the the cells of the body. Such food results in cell starvation and this in turn causes sickness and disease.

"Fundamentally, it is nothing short of miraculous that people can even exist as long as they do on the kind of food so prevalent in the meals of today. Their existence cannot be attributed to the food they eat, but rather to their living in spite of the kind of food they eat.

"As sickness and disease may be attributed to malnutrition, then the answer to this problem, quite naturally, would be to cleanse the system of the accumulation of waste that may be the cause of prolonging the ailment, and nourishing it with the most VITAL foods available in order to re-establish and build up that natural state of well-being that we have been taught to consider as our birthright."

—N.W. Walker, D.Sc.