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Preserve It Naturally by Excalibur new 3rd Edition

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Preserve It Naturally - New 3rd Edition - The Complete Guide To Food Dehydration.

This New Third Edition comes complete with a new chapter on Raw and Living Foods and more Recipes.This beautiful all-colour book was lovingly re-written and photographed: This is THE book on dehydrating! Everything you wanted to know about dehydration and more can be found in this informative book.

Chapters on fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, herbs, nuts, grains, dairy products, crafts, cake decorating, potpourri, sachets, macrame beads, dough art, wreaths, raw and living foods and much more.Recipes for raw foods, hot/cold appetizers, soups, salads, main/side dishes, sauces, beverages, desserts, snacks, trail mixes, breads, and more.

8 1/2" x 11", 192 pages