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Jupiter Vesta GL Water Ionizer

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This Model has been replaced by the Vesta H2 Water Ionizer

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Jupiter Vesta GL Water Ionizer

The most innovative water ioniser seen to date, the Jupiter Vesta is widely regarded as the world’s lost elite design.

Using the market leading technology from Emco tech, this futuristic of water ioniser has arrived with the Jupiter Vesta. With an exceptional performance, the Jupiter Vesta also delivers an eco-friendly design which promises to deliver years of hassle-free performance. 

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Cutting edge technology

The Jupiter Vesta has a number of leading technologies which enhance the user experience and contribute to its reputation as the world’s best ioniser. These include:

  • AutoAdjust Technology. This provides the optimum performance and level of water source ionisation by automatically adjusting the power.
  • Smart Switch. An efficient and reliable power platform is provided via the latest power source technology, SMPS
  • Dual Biostone Filtration. Providing reassurance and total assuredness by not just ionising the water supply, but cleansing it too
  • AutoClean. A fully automated cleaning system carried out post use without interrupting the supply of water.

Key highlights

A number of features can be found on the Jupiter Vesta including:

  • Superior power provided compared to larger electrode plates using less advanced technology, and using bigger wattage. The 9 platinum-titanium electrodes users are high efficiency and maximise the power driven through every part.
  • MICOM advanced circuitry including intelligent self-diagnostics
  • Huge range of ORP plus 274 pH levels to select from
  • Sensor for water flow which is sensitive and energy saving
  • Compact but powerful - its small size is more diminutive than 9 other electrode ioniser designs on the market
  • Mirrored design for immaculate elegance
  • Easy to use touch screen technology


The AutoAdjust technology is unique for the Jupiter Vesta and continuously adjusts the plates within the ioniser to ensure you are receiving the very best quality alkaline water based upon the mineral content found in your water source. The mineral levels found in your water can not just vary each day, but even by the hour so you can forget about constantly having to test the pH levels of your water to check the water being produced. With the Jupiter Vesta, the pH levels are perfect every time due to the cutting edge AutoAdjust technology which automatically checks the settings every time the ioniser is used. This is the only machine on the market to offer this kind of technology.

Understanding how AutoAdjust works

The workings of AutoAdjust are incredibly complex and offer far more than just fluctuations in the power sent to the plates. AutoAdjust actually alters the pulse rates of the power bursts, delivering short, sharp spikes of power depending on the level of minerals within the water. Meaning that the ionisation plates perform far more effectively than if the wattage were simply juiced up. The result of this intelligent pulsing pattern is a better flow of oxygen out of the electrodes which leads to water which is more activated. This means a bigger adjustment in both the pH level and the ORP when compared to regular ionisers. There are no competitive products on the market which can currently match this.

The graph below explains in more detail how the Auto Adjust system works. The signal for the output (traced in blue) is shown against the limits (traced in green). These two figures relate to the reference signal (traced in red) which in turn feeds the circuitry system within the Vesta. The conductivity within the water is based upon the mineral content, both the quantity and the type, allowing the smart system within the Vesta to be able to determine the optimum efficient and effective way of pulsing to provide the optimum alkaline results, also taking into account the setting you input. Every time the signal for the output touches any of the limit points, the pulse width or signal is altered; this can sometimes occur on several instances per second.


As the above graph aptly demonstrates, the AutoAdjust facility means water that is fully optimised for your personal use every time you use it. No fuss, no hassle, just clean, healthy water.

Smart Switch

The Switch Mode Power Supply technology is included in the Jupiter Vesta, providing one of the most advanced systems available. This is required for the operation of the smart AutoAdjust system. Other SMPS systems used by ioniser units are unable to automatically change the voltage in response to the varied demands of the conditions of the water. However, the next generations SMPS allows the AutoAdjust functionality to provide a variable response which is entirely customised to the content of the water supply. Not only does the Smart Switch technology help the AutoAdjust to run smoothly, it also ensures there’s no wastage of power, delivering economy too.

Filtration from Biostone

The dual filters in the Biostone system are 0.1 micron filters plus space-fibre technology which ensures that any type of tap water can be efficiently filtered. The filtration achieved with this dual system is inherently superior to other system, allowing a single cartridge to be used to capture larger particles, in a pre-filtration step before going on to target more complex content such as heavy metals and fluoride. This second stage uses the UltraWater or Biostone filter for the very best results. The integrated filter indicator will illuminate when it’s time to change the filters.


Another piece of useful technology you’ll find on the Jupiter Vesta is the AutoClean system, a far superior facility compared to automatic cleaning systems on other units. Cleaning is imperative in order to preserve the life of the unit and also to keep performance at its best. AutoAdjust prevents minerals such as calcium from attaching on the electrodes which is turn makes cleaning far easier. This is because the electrodes are switch intermittently between off and on and pulse using variable bandwidths, there’s no opportunity for a bond to form on the surface. The AutoClean system runs as a background task meaning that the unit will never be offline and you won’t need to wait for your water.

MICOM Circuitry including self-diagnostics

The Vesta features technology that safeguards your investment by constantly monitoring the system. Smart sensors are used to check for excessive temperatures or power surges and shutting down the unit if there’s any risk of damage. 

Titanium-platinum plates x9

Only the very best grade titanium and platinum is used for the efficient electrodes, ensuring that ionisation is effective and long lasting. The Jupiter Vesta utilises Emco Tech plate technology that uses top class brand new manufacturing technologies combined with market leading practices. Most ionisers in the world turn to Emco Tech for their ioniser needs.

Minimising the footprint


The Jupiter Vesta will look elegant and stylish in any kitchen with its contemporary exterior featuring black and stainless steel, plus its compact dimensions. Emco Tech has irrefutably proven in recent years that small does not mean any less powerful and it’s actually the engineering which determines the quality of the unit, and not the overall size. The electrodes from Emco Tech consistently outperform all others, even those which are larger or more sizeable in their wattage because the ioniser performance from an Emco Tech design delivers more amps from the electrode, making them more efficient.

Making the choice

If you’re trying to deice between the different models of ioniser it’s worth taking a look at the results from Cathleen LoGrasso from Alkaline Water Plus in the US. Her reviews of ionisers are amongst the most comprehensive we’ve ever seen, and she includes the Jupiter Vesta as well as other popular designs such as the Jupiter Athena, the Tyent Turbo and the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Machine. The conclusion is that the Jupiter Vesta outperforms all other models but don’t take our word for it; take a look at what she had to say here.

Technical details

  • Model number: GL988 - 9 plates
  • Korea FDA No: 3277
  • 8 kg in weight
  • AC220-240V power supply
  • 3 litres per minute water flow rate
  • 0.7-5kgf/cm3 water pressure
  • Solid titanium plates with a platinum coating
  • Two years domestic only use warranty