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Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer

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Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer

The Jupiter Venus includes a myriad of features that anyone could ever want in a counter top water ionizer, and more besides, but with a very modest price tag it’s extremely affordable too. With excellent performance and simplicity of use, including touch screen technology, it’s an incredibly cost effective model. One of the newest additions to the popular Jupiter Science collection, the Venus is the replacement for the best-selling Microlite and offers a wealth of user-friendly features.

Electrode matting

The water cell in the Jupiter Venus includes an innovative electrode martin system which is very resist to deposits of minerals. Iron, lime and other unwanted minerals simple flake off allowing far superior ionisation for much longer periods. The innermost workings of the water cell in the Venus also allow a much better separation between acid and alkaline water. This improved segregation means the ionisation is far more efficient and also provides a more effective means of isolating any fluoride or chlorine which remains. The net result of this combination of factors means that the Venus can produce excellent results and only needs just one cleaning cycle lasting 10 seconds for every 20 litres of water.

Controls of the Venus

The typical kitchen layout has been considered when the Venus was designed, with a simple and easy control panel which is also sealed for more convenient cleaning. To change the settings just requires a whisper-light touch of the buttons.


The function of the buttons:

a)    Displays the varying levels of alkaline or acid

b)    Provides an estimate of the life of the filter - when the final bar turns red, a new filter should be ordered

c)    Alkaline Water Indicator which lights up if you select alkaline water

d)    Acid Water Indicators which lights up if you select acid water. In addition, a melody will play if acid water is chosen or when the cleaning cycle is in use

e)    Filtered Water Indicator which lights up when filtered water is chosen. Filtering will clean the water but won’t alter the pH level

f)     This button allows filtered water to be released via the flexible water hose

g)    This button allows acidic water to be released via the flexible water hose

h)    This button allows alkaline water to be released via the flexible water hose

i)      Allows the sounds to be switched either on or off, or the volume levels to be altered

j)      The light will illuminate when the unit is carrying out its self-cleaning. This will last for 10 seconds after every 20 litres

k)     This light indicates that a service is required

Flow control integrated in the design

An entirely new feature for a more modestly priced ioniser; until now this kind of control was only incorporated into top of the range designs. Integrated flow control allows the flow of water to be adjusted more easily which results in either a stronger or weaker alkaline water and also negative ORP. The more slowly the water flows through the unit the more time the ionisation process has to alter the pH level. You would not normally need to alter the flow rate because the ionisation chamber in the Venus is extremely powerful. However, this level of fine tuning allows you to control the exact pH level of the water which flows out to get the very same results every single time.

Biostone filter

All Jupiter models feature the same popular 0.1m Biostone filter, including those right at the very top of the range. This domestic filter system is simply world class and extremely efficient at getting rid of any contaminants. It’s also very durable and long lasting, providing more than 1000 gallons of filtered water before it requires replacing. This filter can also be upgraded at purchase too, with an extra fine 0.01M, the finest type of domestic filter available. Replacing the filter has never been easier either, especially when compared to its predecessor, the Microlite. To make the change simply open the door on the filter compartment and using the spring loaded pedestal compress the filter, allowing it to pop out. Then just snap the new filter into place; it really is as easy as that!


Voltage regulator

Having this option on your unit provides unparalleled control as it means you can adjust the voltage, cranking it up if the water in your area is very soft or lowering it if the water is extremely hard. Having a voltage regulator allows you to fine tune the settings on your ioniser to get the results which suit the water source you’re using.

Features on the Venus Water Ionizer

To summarise some of the main features you’ll find on the Venus:

  • 4 selection levels for alkaline pH
  • 4 selection levels for acid pH
  • Option to filter water only (no adjustment to pH)
  • Option to adjust voltage manually for a further 24 pH levels if required
  • Self-cleaning mechanism lasting just 10 seconds every 20 litres
  • Stylish and simple touch button operation
  • Replacement filter alert indicator
  • Easy installation with either under sink, counter top on wall mounted options
  • MICOM technology featuring artificial intelligence, full automation and 4 meg RAM semiconductor
  • Sensors perform automatic switch on and shut off when detecting start and cessation of incoming water
  • Advanced Polymer Patented Technology with electrodes made from platinum-titanium
  • Automatic shut off to prevent over heating
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Warranty: 2 years

Product video

This video is part of an easy to follow series produced by AlkaViva’s Jay showing how to install as well as use the excellent Venus Ionizer. Check out YouTube for the rest of the videos in the series. 

Technical details

  • 240V input voltage
  • 16 lbs. weight
  • 10 inches length x 13.5 inches depth x 5.5 inches height
  • 12-80psi inflow pressure
  • 40-86F water temperature
  • Continuous electrolysis device
  • 8 settings levels
  • 2.3 LPM (acidic and alkaline) output rate
  • Automatic self-cleaning every 20 litres
  • Solid plates made from platinum-titanium
  • Single filter filtration system