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Aggressive Health by Mike Nash

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You can have it all. You can have the unlimited energy of a child. You can have the vibrant glowing skin of a cover model. You can have the strength of a gymnast and the mental clarity and brainwave activity of a Zen monk. It will all be revealed to you when you buy your copy of AGGRESSIVE HEALTH. Don't expect to get results within 24 hours, but do expect to achieve results from day 1. Success is easy because I've created a roadmap that anyone can follow, including you.

If you want results, you need role models. And that is what Mike Nash will be for you, someone who is getting results and will show you how to do the same. Here is some of what you are about to learn:

  • Discover a powerful N.L.P. technique for creating a laser like focus ensuring your success. (page 2)
  • How to unleash a critical part of your brain called your reticular activating system that will guide you towards your goals. (page 3)
  • The reason most diets fail and why YOU and YOUR own personal diet is the ONLY thing that matters. (page 5)
  • Why digestive leukocytosis can drain your immune system and how to avoid it. (page 16)
  • A 50 year old secret behind cancer prevention that could prevent you from being the 1 in 3 people that dies from this horrifying disease. (page 22)
  • An all powerful anti-cancer food recommended by Dr. Arthur Robinson. (page 22)
  • Your bloodstream is the ?river of life'. Learn how to rebuild it to secure exceptional health. (page 24)
  • Harmonious brain states are the key to KILLING cravings. Learn how to balance EEG readings with no drugs whilst avoiding junk food. (page 194)

Mike Nash has been studying nutrition, N.L.P, Hypnosis, Mind Body medicine, exercise physiology for almost 15 years, but unlike academics who talk a good talk, Mike Nash is walking his talk daily.